The Holidays are Upon Us!

Well the Holidays are quickly approaching.. It seems earlier and earlier every year the decorating begins… I actually like this as it seems the older I get the faster it comes and goes, so for it to be here a little longer for me is great… My kids are older, (teenagers) so I do miss the excitement of Santa Clause and presents under the tree that they use to once have… Now it is about electronics and vacation. For me it is a time to reflect the end of the year… To give Thanks for all that has been bestowed upon us and to Thank The Lord for all the Paths he has led us on and taken us through. It is a time when I love to watch the Oldies but Goodies like ” A Christmas Carol” , “Miracle on 34th St.” and all the Lifetime Holiday Movies..

It is also a time to enjoy traditions, both old and new.. Some are cooking, vacations spots and gift exchanges.. A time to reach out and see the folks maybe you have not seen all year…. A time to let go of the little things that might have kept you apart.. Now don’t get me wrong… big things sometimes just should stay the way they are, but little things, Let go and enjoy the Holidays with friends and family… I know that is my plan and I hope all of you have a plan in place to get you joyously through this Holiday Season.

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