Countdown to 15

Countdown to 15

My babygirl soon will be 15. I am amazed of what a beautiful young lady she has become. When she was a baby I was so happy to have a daughter and Happy I had married into a family that I thought she would have wonderful women to help me mold her to a beautiful young lady. We were blessed to have her grandma “Mama Sokie”. Katrina was the apple of her eye. Katrina loved her so much. When Trina was 8 we lost Mama Sokie. Right around Katrina’s 8th Birthday. Mama Sokie would be so proud of her. Even though she lost that strong love and influence in her life I know the love she has for her grandma has been a strong factor of her becoming the special young lady she is. And for the rest of the women that should have been their for her, and you were not. Well that has certainly been your loss. She is quite the young lady and I love her dearly and I am so proud of her..

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my boys immensely too. I can not believe time has gone by so fast. Being a mom is the best job anyone women can have!

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