A Mother Scorned..

Well today I called the daughter in law that has driven a wedge so far between my son and myself that he has not walked through our front door in more then two years. We have never been good enough for her. She has never wanted to be a part of our lives. My son had tried to invite her to family and friend functions and she would never show. My son and her eloped about a year into their courtship. A pregnancy was proclaimed but never realized until months latter. When there was a real pregnancy I embraced that and was happy for them although concerned as we were still not excepted by her. I was so excited about the upcoming birth of my oldest sons first child. I had great joy at picking out and purchasing the furniture and bedding for the nursery. Well just a few short weeks all heck broke loose and words were exchanged that ended any communication between them and us. My son made the choice to turn off communication with all of us and my stubbornness and heart felt hurt kept me from fighting back. Soon after they gave birth to Brennen. Brennen just turned two and I have still not got to meet him. I reflect on memories of Shawn when he was a baby and I think about the Chances that Brennen will someday do to them what I have had happen to me. My oldest son married and I was not able to attend a wedding. Wasn’t even invited. How will they feel if Brennen did that to them. A grandson is born and his grandma is treated as if she is not worthy of her love. How would Hillary handle that. I know her heart would break. She would think to herself I am sure “my son would never do that to me”. Well I never in my life would have thought that my son would ever put me through what he has. I know he is stuck in the middle but what is so confusing is I know my son and it has been a long time since I saw him happy. I reached out and called my daughter in law today. She didn’t answer. I left a message and time will tell if she calls me back. I have reached out to her on several occasions but she doesn’t respond. In her own words previously she said ” why should I have anything to do with anyone that will never mean anything to me anyway.”. That should have been my sons first clue! We are and should have always been something to my son. I raised him better then this. All I want is for him to be Happy. And if that is Hillary that is what I want for him. I just want her to accept us as family. So I guess I am asking in prayer today like everyday is for God to help me find a end to this. I can never get the things she has taken away from me but I can at least try to not have anything or anymore time taken from me. My Christmas gift for Brennen from last year is still here in my bedroom. (I need to take it to Toys for Tots). This year I will wait to see if I get to see him. I sure hope so. God Bless to all and Merry Christmas.

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