Divorce Rate Theory

As a family we are nearing the end of a long Holiday break. My two children still at home with us are 13 and 15. I put forth a strong effort always to give my children activities that will be life long memories. They are at a point to where there disrespect towards each other is making me insane. I have to sit and wonder do they even realize that they have so much more then most kids do their age. No matter what I do for them its never enough. I am truly feeling exhausted.

I find myself envying my divorced friends whom get every other weekend off from parenting. Now I love my Husband more then my own life and for me that would never be a option. But a weekend away from these kids would be a peaceful break.

I have no grandparents or family that I would leave my kids with so taking off for a weekend is not a option. The day will come when I know they will look back and realize what they have and sooner then I want to realize they will be adults and I know I will be missing this age but at this very moment they have me at a definite breaking point. I know this will pass but it doesn’t make it any easier!

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