I am sitting here in a dark hotel room as the others sleep reflecting on what has transpired over the past 6 months….there are so many emotions that it is hard to really know where to start… The weekend is ending of what was another Visalus Regional event… Many people come to these events for many different reasons… the company boasts, and I do agree to create the culture within in yourself that you will need to succeed in this business…

But for me personally I sit here and find that maybe for me the culture is different… I am realizing that yes it is ok… many of my leaders have a different culture at these events and I was struggling with is this really for me.. but then I think back to Saturday during the day I was there for a beautiful business partner as she confided a emotion that brought her to tears..and I was there to put my ARM around her… to tell her how blessed I am to have her as a business partner and together we can do great things…

I was able to walk up to a man that recently joined Visalus that was one of the highest income earners in his former company… Rick Gutman… I introduced myself as I recognized him from watching his YouTube videos.. He asked me how long I have been a network marketer and with Visalus…I told him six months for both… this is my first company and I am running for Ambassador in September…

He begun to tell me how awesome I must be and that ” what I was doing was impressive ”

Now coming from such a impressive person in this industry I was proud to hear it even if he tells all the girls that 🙂

I was able to introduce to my stepdaughter and son in-law a company and system that could change the life they live…and change the future for their kids….. this is why I am working so hard is I see that this really will be the mechanism that can change lives forever and I will not ever stop because I am determined to make sure that those around me have something I didn’t have until I figured it out for myself… now it is my commitment to make sure I get them figuring it out…

Now in this trip did I take allot of time to belly up to the bar… no I didn’t… do some judge that…yeah probably… does that matter…. nope ..

What matters most is that those of you out there that might have little issues that make you wonder, is this what is best for you?… don’t get that answer by doing what you feel inside is what others expect of you… do what you know in your heart is what is best for you and your business partners… now don’t get me wrong… there are times to party, and I have partied like a Rock Star with some of my business partners… but is that the protocol that has to be followed at each event… no… each event is different and each event will help you grow in a different way… just get there… be involved… learn all you can and reflect at the end of each one what it is that you can apply towards your growing process, both in your business and in your personal life to get you to where you have envisioned ” Your End”  From the words of a great mentor, One of our Co-founders, Blake Mallen always sais, Get your end in mind and if you are clear as to what that end will be, you will be able to make a clear decision, as you just have to ask yourself,  Does this get me closer to my end?… If the answer is yes, then you do it… if it is no then you don’t… It is that simple!

And to top it all off The Keynote speaker at this event was Ryan Blair… One of our co-founders and now #1 best selling auther “Nothing to Lose” Everything to Gain! Loved the book, I have already read it and I will read it again and again…  In case you weren’t able to make it this past weekend, you can hear his keynote speech about ViSalus & his book “Nothing To Lose, Everything …

So to end this I want to tell you quickly that just 6 short months ago, I was not a Network Marketer… For most of my readers, I was just like you… I wasn’t going to do one of those things… I now have 262 brilliant business partners that I love working with… some work harder than others but that is so OK…  The products of Visalus have put me and my husband on a path to better health as between us we have lost over 100lbs!  I promoted to Presidential Director which gives me a strong 6 figure income  in just 5 months  and Ambassador is right around the corner… People if I can do this anyone can… Call me..

Blessings to all,


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