“My Why”

My why is so easy for many of you to  relate to… My husband is in the construction

industry and I am in the Real Estate industry… To say the least, things are not as they once were.

I do consider myself blessed as I was one of the lucky ones that did get into the REO side of

Real Estate, but that does not sit well with me.. Day in and day out dealing with people losing their

homes is killing me inside… One day as I was being verbally abused again by a asset manager, I

hung up the phone and had a over whelming sickening realization that I had felt this way before…

And It was a feeling I promised myself I would never feel again… That was a feeling of being

Trapped in a bad marriage… The feeling of ” you know you deserve to be treated better, but not sure

if you have a way to make it happen.. A feeling of being trapped…” Now during that period of my life

I found the strength to get on a path and got out.. I promised I would never be there again… I hated that

I was feeling the same emotions all over.. Not in my marriage as God blessed me with a wonderful husband

nearly 21 years ago and we are still going strong… but the feeling was coming through another part of my life…

My Career…

Through the stressful change in the  economy, my weight was going up and up… and that is what put me

in Visalus’ path… I was introduced to a product that I knew I should try…”What did I have to lose?”

at that point, More than a hundred pounds so I figured that was something I could afford to lose! I was

very skeptical on the business aspect, but the investment was relatively small when you figured the product cost

alone the difference to get in the business was minimal. So on January 15th at 303.4 lbs I became a skeptical

Visalus Rep!

My why was clear, I need to get  healthy and I need to feel in control of my financial future… Well the weight

fell of at a rate in the beginning that is hard to fathom…8 lbs in 4 days… 11 lbs in a week and at the 30 day mark I was down 30 lbs… The weight loss has slowed to a average of 4 lbs per month so I am down 62 lbs as of today… I feel great!! My husband reached his goal weight with a loss of 50 lbs in 4 months!  I still have my work cut out for me but with Visalus I have been far more successful then I have been with any other product…

On the business side of things, My  team has grown to 260 people, I have promoted to the 2nd highest position

in the company and I see a very bright light at the end of what has been a really dark tunnel over the past 4 years!

Now please remember that I too just  like you had never done Network Marketing… Sometimes the calls the

company has us get on, I feel like a complete loser as they are whooping and hollering for the person that came on

and went to Ambassador in 45 days… Well I am here to speak to the 96 percent of you that are just like me and

have never been with Monavie, Herbalife, Amway or others that this company has a plan and a system in place that if you come in and you follow it you will succeed… This is not a race, this is a marathon and anyone can participate at their speed… The only way you will fail, is if you quit!

For those of you out there that are  experienced in Network Marketing, you should see this as WOW, If she can

make this happen so quick, She has never done this before, I would think you would be thinking I need to be with this

team! And yes you should as we Rock!! We are passionate about this product, we are Products of the product… You

can have a before and after picture or you can have us in the flesh!! We love what we do and we have only just begun!

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