Forcing your Calendar… As the Holidays are upon us…

November for me starts a very busy few months… In network marketing it is known to be the busiest month of the year… As far as the Real Estate Market, we see a slow down come the end of November as typically buyers and sellers do not want to move during the Holidays… So What to do to make sure I capitalize in the Busiest Time for my Network Marketing Business, and use the extra time I have as Real Estate slows some… I push my calendar… I look over the weeks that I know I will be in town and start making appointments.. Scheduling Events and Parties and Make things happen… Put things back to back as things tend to cancel you know you will still have actions happening in that day to get you closer to your goals…

When you are forcing your calendar, make sure you write in all the personal and family obligations that you must not miss… Always remember that Family is of utmost important… as for me they are my why, so the last thing I want to do is to make them feel sidelined to these business’.

Plan your traveling wisely… Fly when you can to get there quicker… Attend trainings when they are beneficial, if you have seen the training several times, is there an event or a one on one, or something else you could do to get you closer to the goals you have set for your month… I am a firm believer in training but I also believe that all training and no tasks and you will find you have no business growth… so plan wisely..

I hope this helps… now let’s get our calendars out and plan out month…

Make it a Great Month and Happy Start to a Wonderful Holiday Season.

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