Giving Thanks to Our Veterans on this Veterans Day

Today is 11-11-11… Many are celebrating this day to mark the firsts in their lives.. So many marriages, celebrations, engagements…for this day will come only every 100 years… So I want to start off by saying a heart-felt congratulation for all of those whom are making this their special day in their lives…

For me the 11-11 part in which that comes every year… Is a day that I actually think about all through the year… Our Veterans, who sacrifice so much so we can have so much more… The unselfishness of each and every soldier is a character that God instilled in these people to truly be the angels of our world..


My Father served on The United States Air Force…  I never knew him personally after infancy as life between my mother and my father seemed to get in the way… He is now passed away.. One of the only photo’s I have of him with me, He was in his uniform.. he was a handsome man… I had read a letter that was addressed to him from the United States honoring him for his duties while he supported the Green Berets, not exactly sure what that means but never the less I am very proud to say he is my dad…

So on this very special day that comes once a year… I encourage you to think of the Veterans in your life, think of all the veterans that have sacrificed so much so that we can be all that we can be, do all that we do, and to live a life free of hostility here in the USA.

Our Soldiers…

Freedom for many has been taken for granted..
Though we were given the right to live as we have wanted..
We tend to not realize one of God’s greatest gifts.
For he created our soldiers – both women and men..
To Fight for our freedom, so that we can never be condemned.
To a life of pure hostility from other lands around..
For it is our Soldiers who keep our nation so Proud.
Let us stand and Unite behind these women and men.
Who are fighting for our Freedom, Our Nation, and Our Land.

By: Kathryn E. Rodriguez

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