“Wrapping Up” the lose ends to enjoy the Start of the New Year….

I say “wrapping up” as I am sure some of you are still trying to get yourself out from under all that used up wrapping paper and rid yourself of the proof of chaos… The Christmas Joy has come and Gone and we approach the New Year… For me my kids are older so Christmas Day was one of Quiet, relaxing and movie day with the teens… I got up and showered, put my new Christmas Robe back on and stayed in it all day… it was heavenly…
I will be finishing up a few Real Estate closings today as Yesterday the Title Companies were closed and then I am packing up my kids and we are heading to our favorite place… Pismo… So many people ask ” How do you guys get away like you do…Well it is simple… We have time freedom, We are our own boss and we don’t have to ask for permission to get time off and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been self employed and so has my husband for many years… I am a Real Estate Broker and he is a Contractor… And yes if you are thinking this economy sucks for that demographic of work your are so correct, but for us we started our Network Marketing business less than a year ago and it has taken our lives completely in a different direction and we come into 2012 with a hole new outlook on where we are going… I will always to Real Estate as it is my passion, But finding my Networking business and building my awesome team i know that I am where the Good Lord Meant me to be… So if you are in teh same position I was and you are looking for even just a little bit more out of 2012, Sign up just to the left and let me help you make that dream in 2012 come true…

Be blessed and have a great New Year… Also look me up on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/brokerlady

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