The New Year is upon us….

We just finished out the first week of the brand new year… For me it was filled with exciting announcements.. I am so pumped up to make this the best year ever… I run two business’ and they both look bright coming into this year.. things have picked up in Real Estate and that is great news for everyone in this nation as that will be the one thing that I believe will really get our economy back on track…

But what has me even more excited is I am full swing ahead ready to March to a Billion with the most passionate company I have ever been exposed to in all my years… Now for some you might be thinking “she is not that old” and if that is what you are thinking..thank you for that.. but this 46-year-old grandma has been carving my own path and working since she was 12.. completely on my own at the age of 16… And never have I been as excited as I am right now.

I know that I am taking part of something that will make history… Something that economists will be talking about even just a few short years from now.. something that has never been done before… As Visalus will be the first Company to reach 1 billion dollars in product revenue sales that is launched only in North America… And it should happen as soon as March of this year… The last company that joined the billion dollar a year status did it back in 1986… Wow ! And they were a world-wide company… Visalus is creating History that will be talked about for many years to come…and I and so excited and blessed to be able to say that I am taking part in that…and remember they are doing this today in this economy… Oh and don’t let me forget the 5000% growth over the last 2 years and to top it off, in this economy!

Feeling very blessed and I can’t wait to take my team to the top.. Are you ready to come with us? Join Us Today


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