The Ocean is always at Peace… Even with the waves crashing in….

As I sit here and go through my photos from our last vacation at the beach.. I got to thinking.. even when the waves are at the highest..  when there are warnings of high and dangerous tides… We brave through them to be where we want to be because we love it there… you see when we vacation we actually stay right on the beach at the high tide line… Really kind of crazy if you think about it as one of the things in nature that is not 100 percent predictable is the Ocean so why do we do it?… We do it because it is what we love to do and it is worth that risk I guess… no other logical reason…  so if we can rationalize that, why is it that one holds back doing what they would love to do for a career?…  The only thing my mind can come up with is it is the fear of the failure…  People expect more of us or at least we believe they do when it comes to the society pressures of how we should make a living… how we vacation is our business so that takes a lot of the pressure off us… As I think about this I think I need my youngest kids to start thinking like I am thinking now… I do not want them to grow up with Society pressures on how they should perform…now don’t get me wrong… my kids will always know how important it is to be a good person but As a Great mentor said… We all have learned to live a life off this script… But really is that script working any more… For me the answer is no… and for my younger kids they are going to know the new me and my thoughts and I will encourage them to take risks and truly find what will make then happy… Something they can do for a living that makes them feel like they are on a extended vacation… For a lifetime….


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