Coming soon…


I am so excited about the documentary that PBS is currently filming about our CEO Ryan Blair… From gang member to Multi Millionaire, Best Selling Author… He is truly an amazing man who has inspired so many… Being a part of the Visalus story is something that I feel has blessed my life so much… I can not imagine a day ever in my future that I won’t have Visalus in my life… Ryan’s book can be found at and for more information on Visalus you can go to

It is a bright sunny day here in Central California and I am excited for an awesome day.. remember you can make your day exactly what you want it to be…

If you woke up a little cranky as we all sometimes do.. I want you to do this…. Go stand in front of a mirror… Look at your self and then start making the silliest faces you can make your self make… You should find your self laughing… Laughing releases a hormone that causes you to feel happy… Everytime you feel cranky, do this and you will find that you have no other choice but to feel in a giddy mood..

Make it a great day…

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