Woke up this morning…

I woke up this morning feeling so full of energy and ready to take on the world full steam ahead and I thought… “Why am I so wide awake and raring to go… I just went to bed 6 hours ago… “. Well when your excited about something… When you know what you are excited about is changing lives for those of the people who allow it… It becomes contagious… This past year doing network marketing has been a completely new experience… There has certainly been up times and down times but I have to say the down tomes as long as you continue to persevere are temporary… For my first company and my first attempt I am running for the top ranks of the company and I am so proud of those people who are running with me… Ninon, you so keep me sane, I so could not have gotten as fracas I have without you because everyone needs that confidant and that has so been you… Marlo, you are such an inspiration and so much proof that you are the captain of your own ship and no one can ever get in your way… Amy, always a fighter, don’t get in this girls way as she will run right over you… Carmen, this year has dealt you some obstacles but I know you are in it to win it, I have no doubt that you are in this to win this and girl together we can make anything happen… Little Katherine, I am sure you feel things have been slow out if the gate but you have already learned so much, not just about this business but about how everything you do dictates the quality of life you are building and as long as you strive for the better you will get there… Our new little Lindsey, you came into our team and seriously lit a flame under each and every one of us, your tenacity and passion to help others is so uplifting… Nurse Shannon, I have known you the longest, a friend I have always admired, I love to tell the story of how I was like “why do you want to do this business because to me you are everything I would ever want to be”, and I am so blessed to have you running side by side as we change lives, you just brought aboard Patrick and in a very short time it is clear that he and his family are very special, only great things to come for all of us…AnnMarie, you and Jerry are amazing.. I love your family strength, having Jerry in Afghanistan and the way you keep it all together for your kids and yourself is so inspiring, so blessed to be a part of this journey with the two of you… And last but certainly not least Anthony, having you see the light and already bring such amazing people into this team over the past 7 days has certainly renewed my energy levels, God answered a prayer when you said you were ready to run… So blessed to have you as a running partner…

Then there are the Vi Family whom are not my team whom have come into my life because of this awesome Company… Jen, you and Josh will be lifetime friends, I love our talks.. they mean so much.. thank you for always being there and understanding, you seem to have a way of bringing out the emotional side of me, therapy for my soul… Shannon you have become a sister from another mother, lol ~ it’s like we are related.. love you sister ❤  Keith,
I have known your mom for more than 10 years but had never met you… it’s a small world and I am blessed to have finally met you and know there is a lifetime of memories in the making… all of these people and many more have impacted my life and that is all do to this new business for me over the past year and that in itself a huge blessing and a gift…

I have so many wonderful people on my team… I can not begin to mention them all.. I just want you all to know that I am blessed by all of you… Everyone has their own pace and that is what I love about this business… it’s ok… Just always remember, you can not fail unless you quit… just don’t quit ❤

And of course none of this would even be happening if it wasn’t for that fateful lunch Jen and Lisa… The memory of that few hours will always have a permanent place in my library index… That particular day changed my life and for that I will forever be greatful…here is to great things that have already happened…and even greater things to come…

And just a reminder that there will always be Nay sayers or Dream Killers… Those are the people who look at what you are doing and simply try to kill your dream and really it is because of their own fear of failure and lack of confidence that keeps them from being the supportive type… Walk away from those types of people… surround your self with positive people who want to make a difference…

For every Dream we strive to achieve, There will always be those who just don’t believe… Just let them go to find their own desires…Don’t let them put out your fire… For Dream Killers come and Dream Killers go…But your Dream as long as You Believe will always continue to grow…. Never Stop believing ♥

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