Social Media and our Daily Lives…

Over this past week in my home town we had a huge tragedy and as I sat there frozen watching it play out on all the local news channels the one thing that was so clear is that the news professionals today have the same media as to how they get the most current information as you and I do, and that is the use of Social Media.. Now I know that I use it every day and have for a few years now, but I was one of the pioneers I guess you could say… Always the first to jump in and see what it was all about… In fact I remember getting on Facebook because Michael Phelps was updating his Facebook during his 2008  Gold Medal run and that is what made me sit down and see what this Facebook thing was all about… So that means about 4 years on Facebook… My twitter birth was the Tweets between Demi and Ashton, I don’t remember when that was… so you can clearly see there was nothing truly important as to why I dove into Social Media but it sure has made an impact on how my every day works now… But watching last Thursday unfold it was odd for me to see that the news we rely on has no real advantage over us today that are on Social Media…

That said, I then started thinking about the Success of Visalus and how I have been able to grow a business over this past year and really… It has been the use of this Social Media that has just become part of what we do… So then I as myself… Why would someone not want to do what they do anyway and get paid for it… With Visalus, We promote a challenge via Social Media that offers packages to people to attain Better Health and Prosperity… which in turn could make a life so much better… First hand it has for me… 

So Why Not… Do What you do anyway and get paid… I guess not all people can see outside of the box that they live in every single day, for those that can see out side of the box and recognize that Visalus is doing things in a direct sales industry that have never been done before with our Smart phone apps available for customers and promoters… Group offers that Customers and promoters can take advantage of saving money right from their phones and guess who gets paid… the promoter… Not just the company… We get paid…  CAN YOU SAY CRAZY???  

We are the only company with the swipe feature that allows promoters to Swipe once and enroll new customers and business partners using their smart phone… it literally takes a matter of seconds… click on the picture to see the YouTube video… There are reasons why Visalus has been able to accomplish what it has over the past 3 years in a down economy… This is not an accident, a fluke, or a whim… it is the combination of three dynamic young men who have taken what they know about direct sales and combined it with social media… Blake Refers to it as the Perfect Storm…

So think outside of the box and get started today..

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