To Be a Dedicated Employee….

My morning started really no different from any other morning… I was sitting downstairs in the family room drinking a cup of coffee, just enjoying the peace and quiet before the start of the day… Kids were off school so everyone else was sleeping in a bit.. I heard the tone of a text on my phone and it was my cousin asking if we were going to attend the big festival in an Adjacent town this weekend.. I replied not sure, then asked how things were at work.. The last time we spoke she had mentioned that things at her job were hectic and that they were trying to eliminate her because of her seniority and pay.. You see she has been with Target for 25 Years and is at the top of the Pay Scale.. Texting suddenly became not an option as there was just so much going through my mind… so I called… Questions started flowing like “How can they do this?”  She proceeded to tell me they do it all the time and always had, she just never thought of it happening to her… They are in-fact doing it to My Friend also and she has 19 years at Target.. My Cousin told me… I sat there and was in shock… Thinking it must be the economy not that it excuses this type of treatment to employees that have dedicated their lives to this company for several decades…

I got off the call and found myself Googling Target and unfair Termination and my goodness was I shocked… there are stories dating back 10 years of how Target has been doing this and that it certainly appears that my cousin was correct.. For Target this is just how they roll… It is not an economic need because of the economy…

A few years back my cousins Husband was laid off at Hershey Corp. because they closed the Local Hershey plant and opened up in Mexico.. Cheaper for them to run rather than in California.. Now once again that was a business decision and I get that business’ have to make tough decisions to prosper but at whose expense… Here I have in my immediate family a household that not just for one of the heads of household but both of them have had their careers eliminated do to corporate greed… I know that sounds harsh but the truth hurts… No thought gets put into what they are doing to these families… These employees are just eliminated like there is no wrong doing.. Now I am not preaching so all of you reading this will not shop at Target or eat a Hershey’s candy bar.. But why I decided to sit and tell their story is this is the exact reason why I preach to develop the ENTREPRENEUR mindset as it will so change your life… It will free you of the grip that employer America has on you.. You stay in control of what you earn, when you work and what your success’ will be.. You can’t get fired or eliminated as you are your own boss…

Now will my cousins be OK.. yes..I know they will and they will do well.. They work hard and will move on and for her, probably to bigger and better things.. For him he replaced his position with the same type of work at another Chocolate plant and is doing well also.. But who is to say it wont happen again.. Job market in America is not stable as corporations are picking up and moving ship everyday.. then what for those employees…

So when you find yourself at a cross roads or at a place of taking an opportunity.. really thinks about getting out of your comfort zone… Put yourself on the path of security that you can control..

Become an ENTREPRENEUR… It will be the best decision you have ever made…

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