Do you Believe…

When you get presented an opportunity or really any thing that is new to you.. could be as simple as a food you have never tried to a business opportunity that if you chose to take part and truly BELIEVED in the system.. could change your life.. How do you Believe??… Do you believe??..

I Believed 18 months ago that a product could better the path of my health.. simple belief really compared to the bigger beliefs that were to come.. My health improved.. and not just mine but many around me.. My father in law is 81 and just this past week his primary care doctor who has seen him for years said, ” I don’t know what you are doing but what ever it is keep it up because your levels of Cholesterol and others all a crossed the board have never looked better…. So the Belief of improved health is strong…

The car that they spoke about that I could earn, I earned in just a matter of a few weeks… but did I believe enough to run out and buy a BMW.. No,  That took 6 months of getting one half the actual earned allotment before I believed enough to buy the car… 18 months have passed and 92k has come into our household… You can say I believe… I BELIEVE… but what is hard for me today is the fact that it is difficult to get others to believe…. even though I have traveled down this path right in front of them, they still don’t believe.. Some come into your business yet quit before they really ever got started.. Why, I ask myself, and the only answer I have is they just didn’t believe.. And just when I was at the point of exhaustion, (not of giving up, just exhausted) I get a phone call from a Friend who took the challenge with me a year ago… but do to things that were happening in her life she decided that it just was not a good time for her… On the phone that day She said.. “I have a friend that wants to learn more about the Challenge”.. So off we went.. She is now a business partner with us and those girls have brought so much life in my business just where I needed it that I can actually take a deep breath and strengthen even more the Belief I have had for so long….. Everyone needs a Ray of Sunshine… No matter how much success they have found…

I have an amazing team… One strong team that is unstoppable.. and I am so grateful for their fearless faith in our Business… And another that is growing in their belief each and every day ❤

I am looking for people who Believe.. Believe that they can take control of their tomorrows and make them a better place.. I am looking for people who are not looking for a get rich quick thing, because that is not what this is about.. This is about living your life to its fullest and securing not just your tomorrows but the tomorrows of your kids and grand-kids.. If this is you, Please sign my guest book at or call me at 209-652-2257 and let me help you get started today on all of your tomorrows…

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