Who is Driving your Bus down the Road we call Life?

Some things happened again yesterday in our family that really made me think of life and why some things happen and what we as individuals do to work through those bumps in the road in this process that we call Life…

I realized that I am blessed to have had the vision to get in the driver’s seat a long time ago… Many people if they knew my story would not agree that what led me to where I am and who I have become was a blessing but I know it was, I found the strength through it all to get in the Drivers seat when I was just 16… I made the choice to separate from my mom’s home and be on my own.. Not a decision I think most should take, but it was a decision for me that had to be made to end a vicious cycle and my faith in God led me to believe I could have a different life.. And so I did.. At that time is when I got in the driver’s seat.. I will be the first to admit I made a lot of poor decisions along the way, but also the first to realize that those poor decisions grew me to who I am today and without them I would not have some of the best experiences in my life.. So the road we are traveling on is one that I do believe is led by God.. I believe everything happens for a reason but I do know that at times we can swerve off the road and take a wrong exit but Faith will steer you back…

I have worked for corporate America and I have been self-employed.. For me at a very young age I learned the lesson that to make more you have to do more and when you are with Corporate America you are not in the driver’s seat to make more.. It is for the most part out of your control.. That being said yes, you can get a raise you can do your best and compete for the next promotion but the result is still someone else’s decision.. I didn’t like that.. If I wanted more I knew I had to go get it.. I learned to get where I wanted I had to get in the Drivers seat…

I am a Real Estate Broker that loves what I do.. I still today will cry when I see the dream of home ownership come true for my buyers.. Even though I am self-employed in Real Estate it was a hard thing to swallow as when the economy crashed, so did my BUS… Even though I was in the Drivers seat feeling that I had full control, that BUS crashed with my whole family in it.. Recovery is a slow process and today it is my Faith that gets me through… But 20 months ago I stepped out of the Bus that I was so secure Driving and I stepped in and sat down in a Brand New Shiny Bus that I knew I would have to learn all over again how to drive.. So many emotions.. ” I am too old for this ” ” I don’t have time for this because I still had to drive the old bus everyday and keep it too, going down that road.. How will I find the time..?”
Doubts and excuses will get you in a fatal crash so fast you will not be able to put on the brakes.. Driving the new Bus is getting easier and easier… More and More seats are filling up day by day and what happened for me and the old Bus this week was an awesome feeling.. I threw out all the old people who were on the Old bus that I just didn’t need any more thanks to the New Bus.. the negative day-to-day doings from Asset Managers, Foreclosure Attorneys, Banks that look at each House as a number not a home… I fired them all and I couldn’t be happier… You see the people I am letting on that Bus now are my clients that I can help get to a better place in their lives… NO more empty, sad and cold houses in inventory… I will never stop driving the Real Estate Bus because I know I am great at what I do and I love my clients.. What I have learned in the last 20 months is I can drive both Buses and in the end it just makes me a better driver…

So why this post today.. Well I see so many people still getting in fender benders and hoping someone will let them on as a passenger to ride down a path with them.. Get in the Drivers Seat and never let anyone Drive your life.. You will not like the result unless you take control.. You will not see new sites unless you take a different route..

I am blessed that I got in the Drivers seat of My Shiny New Bus Called Visalus… I am blessed that Jennifer Morgan and Lisa Carter came to me and said, We know a little, we are prepared to learn allot and we want you in our caravan driving your own Bus.. So if someone is coming to you about an opportunity to get in the Drivers seat of your own Bus.. Even if you only have time to go 5 mph and people will be racing past you at 100 mph.. ( the Tara Wilson’s in your Life ) that is OK . It’s not a Race, It is the Marathon of Life and as long as you never quite you will reach “Your End In Mind”. Get there at your own pace, but get there.. And yes My Bus now is a Paid For BMW… Not just paid for.. I am frugal and I bought it used and Visalus still pays me $600.00 a month to drive a Newer BMW that doesn’t cost me near that a month.. Can’t get any better than that 🙂

So I simply ask?? Are you driving your own bus, If not, Who are you dragging along for the ride and how much better would their lives be if “You” were in the driver’s seat… Think about it and really be honest with yourself… It could just change not just the path you are on, but it could change your life and the live’s of those that mean the most.. This is what we call “OUR WHY”

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