Forward ~ The Network Marketing Movie…

Forward: “The Network Marketing Movie” is a recently released authentic documentary about the network marketing industry.

In the movie, 20 entrepreneurs from the Network Marketing industry were interviewed… This is an upfront, close and personal journey with a few Network Marketers… who at one time were just like you.. They at one time wondered, Can I do this?.. Can I really make a living at this?.. If you are sitting there reading this and are making a choice as to whether you should get started.. You are just like me.. I was in the same shoes you are in right now.. And I have to say they were not comfortable shoes to be in, but I knew something in my life had to change… I knew I wanted more, and I certainly understood that if I wanted something different  I needed to do something different.  I didn’t have this short clip of an amazing industry either.. I had simply a beautiful lady that I admired from a far for years sitting next to me at lunch telling me, “You Can Do This”  I guess that was enough as I gave her my credit card number and $557.00 later I was yet again in business for myself… But what was still left to learn is that I was not by myself.. Jennifer’s support has been amazing and I have managed to build an incredible team… I have a huge passion for what I get paid to promote as on “The Challenge” I have lost nearly 80 lbs and my husband has lost nearly 60 lbs.. (That’s like kicking out an average sized person out of our home) and into a crumbling household that was formerly a Real Estate Broker (I am Still in Real Estate) and Contractor ( We have closed his shop and retired him from Construction 🙂 ) household… “The Challenge” with Visalus has added a 6 Figure income to our household, Two Monthly BMW Car allowances and Free Challenge Packages month after month… Life has Certainly changed for us.. We are looking to expand our team so, no matter where you are…We Want You!! We train and hold challenge parties immediately Via Skype, Facetime, Mobile Phones and we will travel to you to get you launched .. Think about your “End in Mind” .. Thinking about adding a “Plan B” .. Why not do it with the #1 Home Based Business, Promoting the #1 Health Challenge in the World.. being a part of the solution to the #1 Health Crisis in America today…

To Understand This Industry that I have so fallen in Love with… Watch the Trailer below and then contact me.. 209-652-2257.. Let me help you get started.. I am looking for Coach-able people that want change…

Get started today at

To hear about what we do Click the link Below to listen in on My Teams Daily Power Call

Daily Power Call 

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