Getting past disappointment ~

When I am disappointed I read. Fortunately lately I haven’t had a ton of reading time. But what transpired this week took me back a bit.. So to take my mind off things I took to reading. Some people drink, some people have other vices they go to but I go to books of knowledge and poetry. Always seems to help me find my way. I love my new iPhone as there is limitless resources just waiting to provide amazing therapy. A comfy pillow, warm blanket and the corner of the couch. Last night I even splurged and added a cup of Hot Chocolate. In reading I found this paragraph..
“Keep Believing in Yourself and Your Special Dreams.
There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped they would be. That’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down, but those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself and all that you are capable of. There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them. Constantly keep yourself headed in the right direction for you. It may not be easy at times, but in those times of struggle you will find a stronger sense of who you are, and you will also see yourself developing into the person you have always wanted to be.


So tomorrow is a new day and I can’t say I know exactly where I am going from here. What I do know is even though there are people that disappoint, I have so many I know I can count on and I trust with my life. So with those people I will continue to create the best future for their families and mine and that God will give me the paths to go down.

So here’s to a amazing future and keeping my “Forevers” close and developing new “Today’s” that will become “Forevers”

6 thoughts on “Getting past disappointment ~

  1. Emma

    Hi Kathy, my name is Emma and I truly enjoy reading everything on your facebook and now on this blog. I can see by what I read that you are truly in the business of helping others, I know we don’t know each other but someday I hope to meet you and follow in your foot steps. I am a single parent trying to get on my feet and trying to stay positive with everything that is thrown my way. Thank you for all the positive sayings and quotes.


    1. Hi Emma, I am so glad you check in here and at Facebook.. If we are not connected on Facebook please send over a friend request and and let’s get connected.. It is grat meeting you here and I am glad you enjoy my blog.. Let’s connect soon, Kathy


  2. Emma

    Hello Kathy, thank so much for responding, I do appreciate it. I would love to connect with you. I was actually thinking of asking you if I could shadow you? A good day for me is next Monday the 12th, I know it’s a holiday but I have the day off and it would be perfect for me, I know, however it is a holiday and you may have it off as well, so I understand if it’s not doable. My phone number is 566-6763 so let me know if this is something you would consider. The reason for shadowing is that I am going to take classes at MJC next year to get my real estate license, so I would like to observe what happens in a days work, I do realize everyday is a different day when you work in real estate and that’s why I want to do it. Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you and have a wonderful Wednesday=)



    1. Hi Emma.. My days are super crazy.. I make a task list everyday just to make sure I get the must do things done as schedule of things forever change… I love Real Estate and all that it is about.. But I will be completely honest.. Now is not the time to tackle a Real Estate career.. It is tough for the seasoned veteran…. I am making a better more secure income from Vi.. Take a look at and then let’s talk.. I would love to mentor you to a income that can change your life.. Even in this economy.. My Facebook is at let’s connect there also… Talk to you soon,



  3. Emma

    Thanks for the feedback, I do realize real estate is a little tough right now but I am looking ahead to the future and what I learn now I can use later, having said that, if you are unable to make yourself available I totally appreciate your honesty. Do you know of anyone who I could shadow or who may need some help a couple of hours a day (volunteer position)? Like I said I would appreciate the observation time. As for Vi, I know a little about it because I have had the shake (very good shake by the way) but I will look into the site you recommeded. Thanks again for your response and have yourself a terrific day=) God is good, ALWAYS!



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