everything happens for a reason.. even if we don’t like what is happening…

This weekend I should have been out of town.. Things just kept getting in the way, and as frustrated as I was for not being there, it became clear today that my place truly was to be at home.. And all though I know I will get repercussions for quite some time, home with My Daughter is where I need to be… Makes me seriously realize that I need to trust the paths that God puts me on.. Don’t fight the messenger as I realize now that he is sending a very clear message… So what you need to do may not be what everyone is pushing you to do… Follow your heart.. and be where the people that need you the most, need you to be…

For my daughter the pain you and your friends are feeling today will pass in time… Dillion will forever be in everyone’s memories and have strength in your faith understanding that he is a Angel looking down on you.. It will get easier.. Be strong for his family and for Morgann.. and always remember you have people all around you that Love You So Much.. ❤ mom

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