Finding Success…

I am going to jump right in here. Things are to say at the very least crazy right now. Visalus has been such a blessing. The regular stream of income we have from our team we have developed over the past 21 months has been a life saver for us. We are not where we set our goals at to be. Things transpired that have been such a disappointment but what I know is I love the co founders and the product they have developed.. I am blessed with so many new people in my life, upline, down line, cross line that I know Visalus will always be a part of my life. One of the biggest disappointments is how people come into your business, make a conscious choice not to plug into the system then latch onto another product to promote and use Body By Vi as a slamming post to promote their new product / opportunity. Seriously be honest with yourself and start clean in your new so called product and opportunity by simply owning up to your own faults when building a business. You will have more success. This has been a learning process for me but the biggest thing I have taken from watching one of my mentors Jonathon Budd’s coaching videos last night is this business really is a “Sorting Business” and some will, some won’t, OH Well, NEXT!!


So here is to the next few months ツ I know I love this product more then anything in all my years that I have used to better my overall health. It is one of a kind. That passion in time will build a even more amazing business. I have spoke on stage and talked about this being a marathon not a sprint and I just had to remind myself of that. In the long run I know I will have the stronger team that will have the passion I do for a life changing product <;;3



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