Fiscal Cliff.. What is it and how will it effect you??

The election has come and gone.. Maybe they had mentioned this “Cliff” during the campaign but It seemed to have completely evaded my knowledge.. so I have been doing some research.. Below you will find some links for articles that I found on this very subject..,0,5852128.story,0,4064451.story

After reading up on all of this,  the synopsis that I did get was that come January 1st, 2013 ~ 90% of Americans could see a tax increase that will cost the average american household at least a few thousand dollars… See the image below and figure where you might fall if we all Fall off  this Cliff…

We all need a Plan B and since I started with Visalus unaware of this Fiscal Cliff 20 months ago, My PlAN B was a huge part of my why.. Are you ready for a PLAN B, If so simply go to and sign the guest book.. I will get in contact with you.. Really, You should think long and hard and make the decision for change..

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