So many celebrity faces are making a commitment for a Healthy lifestyle Change using the #1 Health Challenge in North America today

So many celebrity faces are making a commitment for a Healthy lifestyle Change using the #1 Health Challenge in North America today.

Taylor Armstrong – From Housewives of Beverley Hills and Author of her Book “Hiding From Realty” likes the Challenge using the Vi – Shape shake as a quick and convenient source of Nutrition.

Kris Humphries – NBA Star Spoke about how he has always been in Control of his fitness and that this year he was taking his fitness to the next level by becoming the ultimate athlete and as he trains to reach his goal he will be using ” The Challenge”

Lisa Raye – Was first introduced to the Challenge from Rapper/Entrepreneur Percy “Master P” Miller and his son “Romeo” , celebrity faces of Visalus who both are on their second 90 Day Challenge.

Hulk Hogan – At a recent Visalus Event Hulk spoke about how the stresses in his life in the past months caused him to put his health on the back burner and is in about the worse shape in his life.. He is committed to use the 90 Challenge to get back to the shape he knows he can be..

Other Celebrity Faces of ViSalus include:
Jessica Biel – Actress

Derk Cheetwood – General Hospital

Alfonzo Ribiero – Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Steve & Jennifer Morgan – TV Stars

Rick Herbst – Bold & Beautiful

Steve Harvey – Comedian

Jenny Lynn – World Champion Fitness Model/Celebrity Trainer

Lindsay Messina – Model/Celebrity Trainer

Kyle & Arianne Lowder – Days of Our Lives & Bold & Beautiful

Dennis Rodman – Pro Basketball Player

Bode Miller – Olympic Down Hill Skier

Nancy Drolet – Canadian Hockey Player

Houston Alexander – UFC Fighter

Oksana Baiul – Olympic Figure Skater

China Smith – Heavyweight Boxing Champ

Marcus Davis – UFC Fighter

Ryan Jensen – UFC Fighter

Lester Patilla – Karate Champion

Phil LoGreco – Professional Fighter

Drexel Long – Track Star

Matt Lehr – NFL/Body Builder

Brad Marsh – NHL

Phil Bechtel – Motorcross

Tim Watson – NFL,Deuce Letui-NFL

Ashley & Sherry Johnston – Biggest Loser #9

Sharmell Huffman – Wrestler

“Monster” Michael Todd – Arm Wrestling Champion

And the celebrity faces of ViSalus list keeps growing!

The Body by Vi Challenge grows exclusively through word of mouth. Generally, people who start The Challenge love their results and end up telling others (or others notice the results and ask!). ViSalus fuels this organic growth with lucrative rewards and incentives for those who want to actively promote The Challenge. To Get started with your Challenge or to find out more information on how you can take your entrepreneurship to the next level by promoting the Challenge go to

About ViSalus

Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and Troy, MI, ViSalus is the company behind the Body by Vitm Challenge, a 90-day health transformation platform. ViSalus champions personal victories and entrepreneurship through a social marketing model, premium products, and global community culture. ViSalus is majority-owned by Blyth, Inc. (NYSE:BTH).

If you would like to learn more about how Visalus helps people both physically as well as financially, just hit the button below.

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