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For most people, the truth about Direct Selling is an unknown

This information was copied from the Book.. “YourPlan B”  This book gives you the information you need to be well informed about the Direct Selling profession. It is based on facts and direct experience. Not on hype. Lack of information is the #1 reason people unnecessary fail in any business.

Over 50,000 people worldwide are earning more than $5,000+ a month, outperforming the incomes available in the “corporate world.” About 3 million people earn $50 – $5,000 a month.

More than 70,000 around the world join a Direct Selling business every day and there are as many different reasons for joining as there are individuals involved.

Direct Sales is the most remarkable form of free-enterprise ever created, because it is…

• The only real, level, commercial playing field open to anybody regardless of age, sex, race, education, or past success…

• The best way for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary income…

• The only business structure designed to build successful organizations through cooperation, not company politics

and competition…

• The proven, affordable “People’s Franchise”…

• The only business system that encourages you to creatively “do it the best way for you” and succeed…

• The best choice today for the growing number of “terminally unemployable” entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs…

• The authentic, intelligent, credible, moral business design

that pays you what you are truly worth…

• The business model that provides both time and financial


• The business that lets everyone in on the “secret” of

leveraging time, people and earning residual income…

• The business that lets everyone in on the “secret” of

loverage, of contribution & service, of making a difference

for a living… ( and yes that is Loverage, not leverage )

• The business that has changed millions of people’s lives

for the better… forever.


What Direct Selling Requires?

* Developing your communication & relationship skills.

* As little as a few hundred dollars to invest in products and marketing materials in the beginning.

* Between five and 10 hours per week to start.

* Being willing & able to learn and teach others.

* The DESIRE to have your own successful business for home.



*  The youngest Top Earner is 18 years old.

*  The oldest Top Earner is 84+ years old.

*  77 percent of sales are done face-to-face.

*  11 percent of sales are through the Internet.

*  9 percent of sales are by phone.

*  74 percent of US adults have purchased products from a direct seller.

*  70 percent of direct sellers are woman.

*  30 percent of direct sellers are men.

*  5 percent of the adult population of the US is involved in Direct Selling.

*  90 percent of all Direct Sellers operate their businesses part-time, between five and 15 hours a week.


Myths & Misconceptions

* Myth: “You have to recruit your friends and family”

* Recruitment is done by the army. You are looking for business partners.

* In Direct Selling you are an “Independent Contractor.” It’s your business. You own it and you choose who you work with.

* You can build your business with your warm market (people you know) or cold market (the rest of the world).

* About 30% of all new business partners are introduced through the warm market, 70% through the cold market.

* Sponsoring is about taking personal responsibility for new participants in the business, ensuring they have a good understanding of the responsibilities associated with owning and succeeding in a business of their own.

* Sponsoring is about caring, educating and serving your partners.

* It creates a win2 (win-x’s-win) partnership-ship between the sponsor and the enrollee.



Myth: “It looks like a pyramid”

* All organizations are shaped like pyramids: Governments, churches, schools, colleges and universities, the military, sports teams, small business, civic groups, clubs… even families.

* In any situation you will have people “above and below” you in terms of responsibility and leadership. One big advantage of Direct Selling is that the people above have a vested interest in your success and will assist you in achieving your goals. Unlike other business models, Direct Selling is based on cooperation NOT competition.

* Most countries have strict laws making “pyramid sales” illegal. If Direct Selling companies were pyramids, more than 65 million people around the world would be in jail. Direct sellers are involved in legal companies.

* Myth: “Direct sellers who drop out are stuck with the inventory they purchased”

Most companies repurchase inventory acquired in the past 12 months for at least 90 percent of the purchase price if a Direct Seller decides to leave the business. In most jurisdictions, this “buy back” policy is a matter of law.


“I know somebody who failed”

* As with all endeavors in life and business, people sometimes fail. Getting involved in Direct Sales is NOT a guarantee of success. Many people play football, not everybody is playing as a professional and not all professionals are winners.

* If you are seeking investment advice, would you speak with a bankrupt broker? Talk with people who are successful in Direct Selling, they love to share their stories, strategies and even secrets.

* If you want to become a successful football player the best thing to do is to talk with a champion— not with somebody who quit the team.

Connect with the proven leaders, make new friends.


Can you do it?

More and more people from all walks of life setup Direct Selling business with great success every day:

* Unemployed people & entrepreneurs

*  Stay-at-home moms & full time corporate workers

*  Teachers & students

*  Doctors & lawyers

* Shop keepers & accountants

* Retired people & top sports stars

*  Millionaires & people struggling financially

*  Young & old people

*  Men & women

Yes, you can— if you want to! and I am ready to Run.. Why not position yourself with the #1 home based business today Right now so you can position yourself to be ready to provide to the Masses on the First of the Year when more the 46% of the American population are going to make a resolution to lose weight!! Now is the Time!! Message me or call me today 209-652-2257 Talk to you soon, Kathy Rodriguez ~


The book Your Plan B can be purchased at


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