A New Year.. Another Fresh Start…

Welcome 2013.. If you are like so many you might have had huge hopes for 2012.. The year the economy will see major improvements.. The year for some who might have had the hopes of a New President.. A year of no more housing crisis and I know I could certainly go on and on.. But for me what 2012 taught me was we try too Damn hard to make better what we already have and that there are just some things that are out of our control.. Hard work doesn’t always pay off.. not like most preach it does.. Sometimes hard work is overlooked and others get the amount of success you were striving for.. That sucks.. It goes back to what my Mom used to always tell me, “It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know” 2012 for me made that painfully clear.. who-you-knowThat’s OK though as I will just work harder on Knowing the right people and nourishing the people I already know.. It’s not coming from above ( and that being said. It’s not the Lord I am speaking too.. he will always provide, I have no doubt of that ) and just like anything else I have achieved in life.. I will grab the people who find value in us and continue to do what I do best.. Build relationships.. with people who appreciate my honesty and integrity.. You see with me there is no HYPE.. I tell you the way it is and most appreciate that and the ones that don’t are not meant to be in my life.. I will always be the mentor that rewards hard work, not pipe dreams.. I am and always will be the one that will tell the people I care about that I am ex-tactic about their success, but I will also be the one that picks up the phone and states, I am disappointed in them, to them, not to anyone else because I want to help steer them to a path of greatness.. They may not love me at the time but they will love me in the end.. I have my end in Mind and that includes everyone that teams up with me.. I don’t pick favorites, I play fair and in 2013 that will not change.. We as a team will reach so many milestones and conquer so many dreams.. 2013 will be an amazing year <;3 What matters is from Us down and we can make anything happen..

What I want to let go of and pray we never see again is the Violence that seems to have taken over our Nation.. It must stop and I pray that 2013 is a year where we see some healing.. We need Prayer, We need GOD.. Back in our homes, schools, work places and mostly in our hearts..


The recent School Shooting as tragic as it was, and believe me when I say nothing has ever effected me the way I was impacted by that horrible day, has to be a turning point for us a Nation to say We Serve Under God and together pray.. We need prayer for comfort and healing but for most of all for repair.. to repair this Nation to what we all know it can be.. A safe and secure place that we as parents know we can send our kids to school and not live in fear.. We have 26 more ANGELS all looking down on us and it is each and every one of our responsibility that we reach out and guide those to a place of healing and peace, one that can only be found when they become one with the Lord <;3 If we as a Nation did just this think of the Hearts we could heal, the souls we could reignite, the lives that would be reborn.. We owe it to our Angels..


I know 2013 holds so much promise.. I doubt we will see economic recovery so I pray people see the value of taking control of their own economic reform.. That they take a second look at something they normal would have turned their head to and walked away.. No matter what it is if you can find belief, passion and you don’t quite you can find success.. And don’t ever let others who because of choices they have made bewilder that spirit.. Make 2013 your best year yet!



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