“Here Comes The Boom” sermon from Pastor Randy Balling at The Well Church, Modesto Ca

Today the Message at Church was a powerful one.. I am going to try to share Pastor Randy’s message with you as best as I can..

“Here Comes The Boom”
Overcoming Relationship Hurt
“Hope for Hurting Hearts” – part 1

Belief is more important than WILLPOWER.  When we think of willpower especially this time of year we think of our New Year Resolution that we probably just made a commitment to.. Research has shown that willpower is really “What level of belief do you have to succeed in what you have embarked on?” Without belief in success, there is no willpower.

When you are going through life and everything is plugging along and you believe with all your heart that life is just as it should be then the “BOOM” happens!! That unexpected hurt, disappointment, hits you like a ton of bricks. A relationship you had formed that you put all your energy and trust betrays you.. Not just once but maybe even twice.. why does this happen, Because as Christians we forgive, but we also at times give our Trust back to fast.. I know I have situations where I have done just this.. I realize it and actually tell myself, Shame on them for them placing the BOOM on me in the beginning, but isn’t it Shame on US for allowing them to have our trust back so fast. that  we have actuallu allowed it to happen again.. Have you ever found yourself in that same type of situation.. WE all have.. Is revenge ever a viable option.. NO,  and that is something I have also believed.. I believe that God will be the servant to avenge.. In my own words I have always said, Those who live a selfish, non serving life, that hurt those around them, that “GOD WILL BRING THEM TO THEIR KNEES..” And he will in Time when the lesson is right to be served upon .. Your Belief Beyond the BOOM Needs to Be “God will make something GOOD from this Hurt.. and let your healing process begin.. Something Good will come of it.. It might take time, It might not even be noticeable when it happens, but it will happen, as long as you have Belief to get through it.. and you will realize as you look back that it did..

Someone “Will SIN” against you.. You will be saddened, angry and will have to be around this person and others that know you and how you were hurt.. The BELIEF beyond the boom is to maintain your INTEGRITY.. You are better than the person placing the BOOM.. Don’t let their behaviors and actions that look so pristine on the outside, but you have been dealt the pain, make you become a sort of them by not holding to your Integral Beliefs.. MAINTAIN YOUR INTEGRITY and hold on to your FAITH..

People that Hurt You can Actually Change.. Although you have forgiven them you might not trust them.. But then you might come to a realization that THEY HAVE CHANGED.. It can Happen.. GOD works bigger miracles then that every day.. But be safe in waiting for the “EVIDENCE OF CHANGE” before you give your TRUST back so easily.. This behavior will protect your heart.. And when the evidence is there, Offer YOUR TRUST.. whole heartedly in the Love Of God..

SO in closing please if you take nothing else remember “You might be tempted with REVENGE but your Belief Beyond the BOOM Should be ” I’m going to leave room for God’s wrath ”


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