What a week it has been!


What a roller coaster of exciting events, shocking developments, enlightening revaluations that this past 10 days or so has evolved from. As many of my readers know I resigned from Visalus Jan 30, 2013 after very unprofessional and disappointing actions of those above me. What I believe now is God was watching out for me and my family as the private messages, emails, phone calls and text messages informing me of legal, liable and ethical obstacles that Visalus is up against.. When it all comes out I can in good faith say I was already out since the end of January!! Now is it possible that some of these accusations will never come to fruition, possibly but it is not likely that none of them will, one or more is sure to explode to at least an embarrassing debacle that those in Vi will be cleaning up.. I have asked for permission to repost a article that was emailed to me on Thursday of this last week from a Editor and Chief of a major publication in New York. She said she should have the release emailed to me by Wednesday so I will add that PDF article then, so check back.. I was contacted by a 3 * Amb that resigned a few months back and she shared with me the slander and abuse she is receiving from Visalus and her Royal Ambassador.. I watched a comment thread unfold on Facebook of a National Director in Visalus whom’s wife was still in the Hospital after giving birth to 4 premie daughters and you could see the panic in his posts on how Visalus took his organization from him for no reason. This was the only income he had coming in to take care of his family.. I sat there in utter disbelief and sadness that something that I had so much faith in was behaving with such mannerisms like this. It’s very sad and disappointing.. The threats continue to come my way from upline leaders. Leaders from all over Canada and the United States have been forwarding blogs they have come a crossed of abuse and mistreatment. Even one that claims quality issues with the product.

I can not speak to anyone in Vi as they say the no compete clause prevents me from doing so.. If any of my readers understand California law please correct me if I am wrong, but what I have found is ” California Business and Professions Code section 16600 (“Section 16600”) provides that “every contract by which anyone is restrained from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or business
of any kind is to that extent void.” California courts typically interpret the statute broadly and refuse to enforce covenants not to compete. Except in narrowly drawn, statutorily defined circumstances, discussed below, California courts deem them to violate California’s public policy that promotes freedom of competition and an employee’s right to move between jobs. Consequently, California courts typically invalidate covenants not to compete. Hill Medical Corp. v. Wycoff, 86 Cal. App. 4th 895 (2001).” And that was taken from a publishing from White and Case



So in closing of all of this, life is greatツ I am free to be me and that is a great feeling. Working with those in Vi was like they had a thumb at the top of your head spinning you like a top and if you didn’t spin exactly the direction they wanted you were condemned, ridiculed and pushed aside. It was their way, kissing their feet the whole way or the highway, even when ethics and integrity were compromised. It’s a great feeling to be free again. Moving on to amazing positive people feels wonderful. Honestly the feeling of freedom is so similar to when I got out of a very abusive marriage more then 24 years ago. Shame on me for ever letting them have that much control and ability to take my feeling of freedom and confidence away from me.

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