Inventory is on the rise..


Each morning as I wake up, the first thing I do is reach for my phone.. I know its probably not the best thing to do and possibly even suspect to why my eye sight is getting so bad..

But the most Noticeable thing I read each morning are my auto prospecting emails and how much it is clear the inventory is increasing. Most of the new listings are investors flipping what was once delapatepted home and sprucing it up to be move in ready.. Now that being said I have been showing property like crazy, and the one thing about being a general contractors wife is all that “Shines” does not meet code. So my advice to all buyers is no matter how “Dolled Up” the home looks, it is even more imperative to do your inspections.. But that being said there are plenty of investors doing quality work and “Now” is the time to buy.. For the average cost of rent in the Central Valley you can with 0 to 3.5 percent down get yourself into a home where your cost of ownership will end up at or less then what you are paying on rent each month.. Click Here for a rent verses buy calculator.

So if your on the fence, my best advice is “now is the time..” Do it now while you have choices and features to pick through.. Finding that perfect house is so becoming a reality thanks to “Great Quality Flips”


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