My Bad..Not Theirs

I go through life and follow core values that I hold very true to my heart. Honesty, Integrity, Truth and Trust.. All very much a must.. Of course in this world I come a crossed people that may not display the same characters. They still are a part of my life but I know to keep those people at a safe distance from my heart. All are welcome to be near, I just am cautious of who I give that key to enter..


There are those times one slips on through. They gain that access to a place I only normally let the best of the best in.. But that is all on me. I blame no one for that as it was my choice to trust. I am not dwelling on the fact that the experiencing of having you a part of that inner circle was such a disappointment. It’s me that made the wrong choice, but in the end its you that needs to meet your maker one day. I learn from all relationships and all have some good somewhere whether it may be hard at times to recognize the good you brought in but if nothing more its the realization of all other great people and things in your life that are so far superior then the disappointing people you let in. So I learn from that.


So identify those that are in your life for a reason or maybe even just a season or two.. It’s just that simple. Learn what you can from each and every situation to make you the best person you can be and put the worst situations behind you. Once you do you will see so much that is amazing all around you.


Blessings always ❤

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