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Why the time is NOW for The Automatic Body Program
The revolutionary Automatic Body program developed in part by Kim Lyons is literally taking the World by storm. Whether your goal is to lose the excess weight that you have gained over the past few years, or if you’re the fitness person who wants to gain more muscle mass or simply just tone up; Automatic Body is for you. We have all seen the fly by night weight loss programs but what you may not know is that 80% of those programs fail, yes you may lose weight initially but guess what……the weight comes right back and often times you gain more weight back than you loss. This is not the case with Automatic Body. The Automatic Body program was developed around the Nutrie family of products, more specifically Skinne & Fuel. By introducing these two products into your daily routine along with a subtle change to your daily routine over a multiple week time frame you will start to see amazing results, results that last. No more being a statistic of being a product of a weight loss program that did not keep the weight off.

Some interesting facts:

37.5% of U.S. adults are obese*, that is roughly one-third of the Adults in America
17% of the youth in the U.S. are obese*.

Why are those stats so important? Well the reason is simple, one in three people in the U.S. are potential customers for the Automatic Body Program.

The map below demonstrates the Prevalence of Obesity among adults in the U.S.


*all statistics are from http://www.cdc.gov 2009-2010 report

The time is now to make a change and take your first step in the direction of better health!

To Get on the Automatic Body Program Click Here

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