Introducing your business..


Talking about your business…

Be the product, don’t just talk about the product..
Make it a part of what you do everyday..
When people ask you how you’re doing simply say.. “I am awesome” work is great but what has me so excited is Nutrie.. (Silence)..

It is human nature that when a person is left hanging they in turn will ask, “What’s Nutrie?”

Oh. I thought I had told you.. I partnered with Kim Lyons to launch her new health and fitness program which is an awesome new smart phone app called Automatic Body ツ … Pause.. Confused look.. Gosh, I really thought I reached out to you .. ( because you probably should have already) I thought I had reached out to everyone as I want the ones that I love and trust most in first.. And that’s certainly you. I have been so crazy busy but I really thought I got this info out to you ツ

Explain to them that the company has put together a great three-minute video.. ( who doesn’t have three minutes) make sure you have their cell number and tell them you will text them the link.. I have this video on my YouTube page and the link is so you can use that link or Create your own YouTube page and send out the link from your own video..

Then just text them the 3 minute video and your website. If you have time watch it right there together if you ran into them. If you forwarded it to them followup will be the key to success..

Ask them if they will talk with your business partner and get them on the phone with me.. What we have in front of us right now is crazy.. Getting the word out to the people you know is the key to you guys finding success. If you can do that 10 times a week
your business will grow!!

Followup is key to your success.. Three way calls build massive volume!! Call them and ask them if they watched the video.. And get them on the phone with your up line ツ
Try it this week.. Let me know how it works for you..

Ps.. In other words.. Stop throwing up on people ツ your Network is an endless line of people you are connected to.. Who can you talk to today?

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