Which one best describes you?



Entrepreneurs take full ownership/responsibility for their business
Employees won’t take ownership but wants to have a business

Entrepreneurs have a vision and create their own path
Employees listen to and follow the crowd

Entrepreneurs take immediate action
Employees procrastinate due to fear

Entrepreneurs are not scared of mistakes
Employees always worry about what people think

Entrepreneurs have the ability to sell and understand the importance of sales.
Employees don’t like sales and/or have the wrong impression of it.

Entrepreneurs are self-motivated
Employees always need someone to get them going

Entrepreneurs have resources and are creative
Employees have limited resources and cannot see outside the box

Entrepreneurs have problems but are solution oriented
Employees have problems but they focus on them

Definitely something to think about.. If you are the Entrepreneurial type then I need to speak with you.

Call me,


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