What a week it has been.. The Roller coaster you end up on when you realize your health is at Risk..


It was April 20th 2010 when I got the scare of my life.. I go that call that stated my biopsy showed Uterine Cancer.. I had went in because I just wasn’t feeling right.. Started with the female stuff and that was the result.. Or so we thought.. A few days into the testing I got another call and was told that the lab at Kaiser had possibly mixed my results with someone else’s … Back in I went and I am to assume the other person as well.. I prayed my result was clear but at the same time was sad that one of us was sure to have that biopsy that said Cancer.. A few more days passed and I got that call that said I was in the clear.. She did tell me that the protein in my Urinalysis was high and that there was signs of blood but that could just be because of the two biopsy’s that we would recheck later.. Well unfortunately insurance for us was very high as we paid it ourselves and the industry changing on us we had to let the coverage go just 9 days after all of that took place.. I have experienced back pain and fatigue for 2 and 1/2 years. I have done what I can to manage it on my own but was so glad when Insurance became an option through my husband returning to a union job..  So once again on Oct. 1st we were legit I guess you could say.. I made the appointment and off I went.. What I wasn’t expecting was a blood pressure of 172 over 104.. and yes they took it three times throughout the appointment .. always the same.. They immediately sent me upstairs and I proceeded to add to my stress as the staff seemed perplexed over my situation and I stubbornly told them “Your making my blood pressure higher, and I left..”

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I came home and sat at the computer.. Picked out a primary care physician and made an appointment.. Now, those of you that know me know I also took to the internet and found that a diuretic is a medicinal way to treat high blood pressure so I immediately got one and took one.. Monday and Tuesday.. Went to see the primary care physician on Wednesday and my BP was down to 156 over 94 and at the end of the appointment 149 over 90.. so already a huge improvement over the previous 2 days.. Then Thursday it was back to Kaiser for more tests..  this time protein is 20 and the other one which should be 0 is 2.0 so and actual improvement over 2 1/2 years ago there.. but only because I have been so aware of how my body feels.. I cut out drinking for the most part,.. I am down 40 lbs More at one point.. but solidly down the 40 lbs..  I know I still have a way to go to get these things under control but I will through better eating… My doctor actually said eat more greens and that is what I will do.. lol  thank god I can buy them in a powder form.. because me and Rabbit food are not friends..


I sit here and I think of all this and the timing of Obama Care and all that is happening in DC.. People need health insurance.. I am living proof of that.. My life could have very well been lost because I was a Walking Time Bomb that was waiting to explode in my chest.. Sounds graphic but all so true.. and believe it or not I am not a fan of Obama Care.. There is too many holes in it and too much too fast as far as the penalties for not getting it..  It is not affordable for those that need it most.. or even available.. It is making the costs of shared employee expense insurance go up.. Don’t understand why.. I don’t believe it is bad.. just don’t believe it is ready…


I am very thankful that I have the ability to get treatment.. I am thankful for my husband’s job.. I know so many don’t have that.. My industry if very stressful.. Being a Real Estate Broker in this economy, it’s not a shocker I have Stage ii Hypertension.. I do not want it any more.. I will be making changes.. SO long Stress.. or at least that is my Goal..



2 thoughts on “What a week it has been.. The Roller coaster you end up on when you realize your health is at Risk..

  1. Sharon

    It’s time to go to the redwoods..or maybe Black Oak 🙂
    I am in real estate also and have been making MAJOR changes.
    Life is too important to deal with rude and unkind people.


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