Pulled, Tugged and Frustrated..

My morning started out with a Negative call from an asset manager.. Yes I turned the call around.. Change the asset managers mind to cancel on a buyer but hanging up the phone, I felt Anxious.. I felt stressed.. I made a lot of promises on that call, in which I have to count on someone else doing there job..

I have a Regular JOB offer on the Table.. Benefits.. Retirement.. Yes someone will own me as we say when we are self employed.. I have to think.. Can I punch a time clock.. I never have been good at that task.. Never, not in all my years..

Then I have my Networking business which brings me the most amount of joy.. Somedays.. especially tough days like today I wonder if that is the right path.. I guess being pulled in so many directions can take a toll on anyone.. I literally bowed my head and asked the Lord to give me guidance and direction. Something..

And then the strangest thing happened, I opened my Itunes account to add some videos for tonight’s presentation and this video was in the Folder.. I have never watched it and I honestly don’t ever remember seeing it or downloading it.. yeah I know I must have.. But it was right there staring me in the face so I clicked play.. Crazy thing too about this video is the thumbnail was just white.. As I sat and watched in a sense of calm came over me and I took that as yet another sign that I need to concentrate and stay on the path with the People of FGXpress.. With them is when life makes sense.. With them I have never felt judge, Never been insulted.. With them I have never been let down.. So I want to share with you this video.. not as a way to sale anyone.. Just as a way to share that sometimes we may not have all the answers as to why things happen the way they happen.. but it is the little things if you open your eyes to them that will keep you going in the right direction.. Oh and also.. Knowing the Lord has your back.

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