I refuse to change this part of me.. but will handle it differently in 2017 

Are you that one person who points out “wrong” when you see it? 

Well I am and I do it out of my inner core because I care so much to make sure that only the truth is spoke. 

Nothing infuriates me more when I see or hear of people that speak ill will about others because really, Do you walk in their shoes? No so you certainly can not know what they are dealing  with and unless you have the facts, who are you to judge and pass judgement and when spreading a inaccuracy about someone, how can that make you any better? 

My other infuriating characteristic is when people think that embellishing the truth to “let’s say” close a deal is wrong on so many levels because if your not completely honest all the time, “What and who are you?” I would rather people know the truth all the time. I want people to know if I spoke it, it’s what I know from my deepest inner core of my being. 

You may not want to hear what I have to say but if I’m saying it, it’s the truth.

Yes we all have those moments when we having taken ones work for the truth because we trusted those people but when one finds out that the truth is not being spoken, How do you handle that especially when you were the one that was spreading their lie with them ? 

This Year when I find people like that I will distance myself from them. Even if they are what some consider half truths (yes this is what I’m told) what is half truth? I’ll have to keep searching for that answer because for me, it’s true or untrue. Half truth doesn’t exist except in the eyes of those speaking them even when they know their not true. 

So for 2017 I’m committed as always to the truth. This Year though I’m realizing that with some this can’t be changed and walking away just might be a better path. 

Determined to surround myself with people that make my heart sing and eliminate all frustration. Life’s just to short. 

God Bless to you all and may 2017 be our best year yet ❤

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