Top Reasons Why a Productivity Coach Is Necessary For You

Top Reasons Why a Productivity Coach Is Necessary For You

As a business owner, you get the hang of managing problems and finding perfect solutions for them. Although, you are passing and implementing decisions on a regular basis, you should always be open to take the assistance of someone else.
With a new set of eyes, a new perspective and a rejuvenated approach, productivity coaches can help you surpass heights you previously considered unsurpassable.

Why Do You Need a Productivity Coach?

Good productivity coaches help you rise above the pressure. With their expert guidance, they can convert your efforts into sure shot success. Not only are they masters of their craft, but they have years of experience in what you’re currently trying to do.
Although, productivity coaches are leaders in their field, not all leaders can be coaches. It takes a lot of effort to achieve proficiency in something, but it takes a lot more to teach that to someone else. Good productivity coaches know how to transfer their knowledge to you effectively.

What Does a Productivity Coach Bring to the Table?

Productivity coaches bring a lot more to the picture than just guidance and instructions. Here we mention a few of the benefits you will experience, once you hire the services of a productivity coach.


Active Listening

Running a plan through an active listener can help outline any flaws that are present in it. Productivity coaches give you an opportunity to run your problems by them. Maybe you have the habit of procrastinating; maybe you can’t motivate yourself to work harder. Run your business plan or strategy through them, as they promise way more than just simple listening. They will ask you questions, point out the flaws and how they can be addressed, and help you in making the specific plan or strategy even better. The input of a productivity coach can help you in performing an unbiased analysis of your business plans before implementation.


Productivity coaches are experienced and have sufficient knowledge regarding the art. Most business owners are at risk of making wrong choices, just because they don’t have the necessary experience. Productivity coaches will, through their experience, add stability to your decision making.
Moreover, their experience reflects in their knowledge of what increases productivity. Their endless troves of techniques that have worked for them make them just the person you want besides you when struggling to meet your targets or goals.

Learning Lessons

Homework might sound a bit old school or immature, but it is the go-to method implemented by productivity coaches to impart learning. Homework or assignments (or self-improvement techniques, if you will) that you get from your productivity coach will specifically be tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve what is best for you. Regardless of what the assignment is, the main focus remains on improving productivity.
Coaching isn’t a temporary therapy, it is necessary for the constant growth of the productivity and efficiency of your business. Once under the guidance of an experienced productivity coach, you will witness an upward curve in your business ventures for sure.


You know when you get that feeling.. Something bad is going to happen..

11 months ago when I had to make a tough decision and walk away from a company that I really did truly love when I started.. It was because of what was happening around me, and because my inner voice was telling me this is going to blow up and blow up big and I want no part of it.. I love the Industry of Direct Sales.. Just as I Love Real Estate,  you find another home you just don’t quit when a company doesn’t fit you…. Those that know me in Real Estate know that change doesn’t scare me.. What was scary in Direct Sales and leaving Visalus was I had to walk away from a team I loved .. I was making good money.. Most of my working team members were making money.. Money each and every one of us needed for our families..  but for me it wasn’t worth my sleep, conscience and integrity.. now I am not saying that those that stayed even though they saw the dogs being enrolled, the fake orders and all the hype.. They truly just don’t see it being a wrong thing to do.. To me it was so wrong and just as I would have walked away from that “Wrong” deal in Real Estate.. I walked away from Visalus.. Now, Financially it hurt.. We had to sell our TOYS.. (RV, MotorCycles) we had for years, to put money back in our household to keep a roof over our head.. I had days when I was like.. I should have just stayed.. maybe my little voice was over reacting.. But todays video shows that is not the case..

The Article from MLM helpdesk Website can be found at

And yes I read all 60 pages.. I sat here and read the same stories that were happening to me and I have never talked to these people.. it makes me think.. How many others are out there…I don’t know.. It does sadden me.. but then as the Pastor at my Church said this weekend.. What doesn’t break you.. Strengthens you.. That your setback was to position you for your comeback.. You learn along the way.. I know that I have a lot to offer this industry.. The Truthful side..  If you are thinking about the industry of direct sales.. don’t let this scare you away from it.. do your research and pick the company based on the people you can trust.. get to know them.. ask questions and chose the Who.. not the what.. Put your Heart and Soul into it.. Stay True and lead with Integrity.. and just don’t quit.. You will find success..

I am glad I listened to my inner voice.. but at the same time I am sad for all the people I love,who are still at Visalus.. Keeping everyone in my prayers.. Be Blessed ❤

In Real’s Time!


I have heard many say “I need to buy now because the Medium Home Price is up” now this is true but what could make that decision more urgent is rates are climbing and that will put you at even a larger disadvantage if you wait. Call me today to get started on your home buying journey. If your a homeowner.. Are you aware you might have equity now! Crazy thought but it is so True! It is a great time to step up to a larger home!

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Short Sale.. Even if you think you wont Qualify…You probably do..




Confirmation of a Short Sale Closed.. Great job keeping the buyer engaged and getting this closed with us Tami Gosselin and to my amazing assistant Gladys Ibarra, whom if it was not for her I would have thrown this out a long time ago.. lol Well not really but she Rocked this file.. Out of Country Seller non owner occupied investment property with a lot of money in the bank…. Servicing on the second transferred not once, not twice but three times.. All in all it took 18 months.. Can someone say .. NEVER GIVE UP!!  Our Seller thought he wouldn’t qualify because it was an investment property.. and because he was not financially strapped.. WE fought for him when other agents wouldn’t..He is now clear of more than 300K of upside down house debt.. Loan was 620,000 House sold for 265,000  Don’t stay upside down.. Get out while you can!

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Inventory is on the rise..


Each morning as I wake up, the first thing I do is reach for my phone.. I know its probably not the best thing to do and possibly even suspect to why my eye sight is getting so bad..

But the most Noticeable thing I read each morning are my auto prospecting emails and how much it is clear the inventory is increasing. Most of the new listings are investors flipping what was once delapatepted home and sprucing it up to be move in ready.. Now that being said I have been showing property like crazy, and the one thing about being a general contractors wife is all that “Shines” does not meet code. So my advice to all buyers is no matter how “Dolled Up” the home looks, it is even more imperative to do your inspections.. But that being said there are plenty of investors doing quality work and “Now” is the time to buy.. For the average cost of rent in the Central Valley you can with 0 to 3.5 percent down get yourself into a home where your cost of ownership will end up at or less then what you are paying on rent each month.. Click Here for a rent verses buy calculator.

So if your on the fence, my best advice is “now is the time..” Do it now while you have choices and features to pick through.. Finding that perfect house is so becoming a reality thanks to “Great Quality Flips”


The Big Night came and went.. Will there be change?

The big Night has come and gone.. Today’s social media has been filled with comments of excitement and disappointment.. What I find most interesting this time around is how evenly divided the Nation is… For me I am a True believer of “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” but I think we can all agree on this one thing.. Our Nation is Broke.. Was Romney what we need to fix it.. Well we will never know that answer… What I do know is that Mr. Obama, You may be the head of the white house.. but you are not in control of my house.. We will continue to persevere, even though with what this Real Estate and Contractor household has endured over the past 5 years would have shut many households down.. We will continue to continue and do the best we can…Am I nervous.. Yes I am.. Do I have my moments of losing faith.. yep, I am human just like all of you out there… What I know is all I have is me to make a difference… I will continue to do my best to do just that…

I will wake up every morning and remind myself.. ” I am unsinkable”  I Challenge each and every one of you to do the same… Be unsinkable…

If you have always been the one that held your head high.. No Matter what your day faced.. That could lead to feeling so alone.. You are the strong one who never needs help or words of encouragement… but continue to encourage yourself.. you will get there.. Things will get better ❤

And always remember the words from the picture below…

Get cash to sell the home you can’t afford…

Since the beginning of the housing crisis, millions of homeowners have found themselves pinned in by their financial circumstances and chained to a mortgage on which they owe more than their home is worth. In the past, homeowners enduring these challenges had very few options, and most would be forced to lose their home to foreclosure.

Today, however, there are more options. The government and the banks have created a multitude of programs and foreclosure alternatives that can help people in these circumstances find a dignified solution for their problems without crippling their financial future. These options include loan modifications, refinancing, or short sales.

The most amazing development in today’s market, however, is one simple fact: Banks are now willing to give cash to homeowners to sell the home they can’t afford.

Please contact me today if you or someone you know could use my help and wants the latest information about current incentives available to distressed homeowners.

Kathy Rodriguez

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Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage: Getting free doesn’t have to mean running away.

Perhaps you have heard about it.

On the news, a reporter tells a story about how the housing crisis has caused some homeowners to simply walk away from their homes. It sounds crazy, but many people are being led to believe that walking away from their home is a good (or even the best!) option.

It is called Strategic Default. For distressed homeowners who believe that they have no good choices left, the idea of walking away free of consequence may sound like a relief. The reality, however, is that choosing strategic default has serious repercussions on your credit.


As a real estate professional who has earned the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, my mission is to provide financially-challenged homeowners with options to escape from unmanageable mortgages without running away.

Facing your problems head-on is always the best solution. Let me help.

Kathy Rodriguez