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It took me a couple of weeks to write this post, because I wanted to make sure that I got it right. I had to let it marinate for a minute. After a particularly grueling day, personally, a couple of weeks ago, I came in to the shop to find this note laying on the floor. It had been pushed through the mail slot by someone who was obviously #tickedoff at me for not being here. IMG_5325

At first I got pretty mad and wanted to scream at the faceless, genderless, writer of the note that wouldn’t they really like to know where I was? In the next moment I realized that it was not their fault, and that I “got it.” That person might have driven from way on the other side of Gurnee or Zion to get here, and they had no clue why I wasn’t here…they just knew…

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Heartfelt compliments..

Heartfelt compliments..

I was blessed with the most uplifting last few days.. I have so much to write about.. But I want to start by telling you about something that was completely unrelated to my trip that happened yesterday.. As I was in the Airport at one of the tall plug-in Outlet locations letting my phone charge and answering some emails on my laptop a “young couple” walked by and as they did I hear their conversation.. It was crowded and they got stopped right in my area as people came out of a Gate unloading passengers.. The words were surprising.. She states to him.. “You know you are the most amazing Husband and Father a girl could ask for.. She continued and said. I appreciate you on so many levels and my life would never be as good as it is right now if I ever had to live it without you..” I have to admit I was shocked and then moved all at once.. They were struggling with bags, rushing to a flight.. in an airport and she took the time to express her love and gratitude.. and to me they were still babies.. Probably upper 20″s.. It made me sit there and think.. and that made me feels kind of sad.. Why? because  it has become normal to hear people arguing when they walked by? It is sad to think that the latter is what is the norm today.. We have no problem showing our frustrations, but seem to have a problem showing our love and appreciation in public.. where public eyes and ears can see and hear them.. If we could only turn that around and make it the normal thing we see and hear.. think about how just a few words could absolutely change ones day.. Try saying something positive to those around you.. not in private.. IN PUBLIC.. Where everyone can see and hear you.. That is my challenge for this next month.. and I challenge all of you to do the same..

Seahawks .. To me they are not just a team..


I remember when the Seahawks launched the Franchise in 1976.. All the excitement.. I was 11.. I was living in Port Angeles Washington which is just across the Bay from Seattle.. Until the late 20’s I lived in the State of Washington and grew up a Seahawks fan.. At 18 is when it changed to rarely missing a game with friends.. Dave Kreig was the Quarterback at the time..  Life goes on and I met my Husband, who is a Raider fan.. He swore he would convert me.. at 28 We moved back to his hometown in Northern California and he was even more convinced he would sway my passion to the Oakland Raiders.. Not a chance..

It all became more than a sport when the Seahawks made it to the Superbowl Feb. 5, 2006.. Of course I was planning a Superbowl party and the morning was very busy.. Now for anyone to understand the magnitude of what I will be explaining next I need to first tell you, I had never met personally my birth father.. I knew who he was and for 10 years (yes, I will live with this regret my whole life, that is, that it was never made a priority to get together personally.. We both kept saying next year.. never thinking that next year would never come) but we talked on the phone and shared emails pretty regularly.. The morning of Superbowl XL my dad called to say he was rooting for my team.. not a big football fan himself but he knew how much I loved my Seahawks and he called to wish me well. To say he loved me and that he was Routing for my Hawks.. I was busy and we talked but I told him I had a few more things to do to get ready for guests and we said goodbye.. We got to Exchange “I love You’s” that one last time.  My dad went for a walk with his dogs just after the call and when he didn’t return they went looking for him and found him on the sidewalk.. He had a massive heart attack.. He had passed away.. The phone rang just as guests were arriving and I looked at the caller id and remember thinking as I answered it ” you know I am busy ” but it wasn’t him.. it was my Aunt to tell me what had happened and that he was gone. I was standing in the kitchen and I hit the floor.. He was gone..

My husband took over from there and as people arrived he explained what happened as I stayed in my room the remainder of the day.. I didn’t even watch the game.. In fact in an attempt to not go through the pain I guess I stopped watching them play all together. It was a reminder of what was lost.. the regret for putting off something so important that I can never get back.. it was just easier not to watch.

A few years ago, something finally hit me.. Rather then looking at the glass half empty, I needed to be thankful for what I did have and that the Seahawks gave that to me.. That one last phone call with my DAD.. You see that phone call wouldn’t have happened with out that Super Bowl appearance that day.. and Do I believe that God played a part in that phone call.. absolutely..

For all the people out their, Niner fans, Bronco Fans, Sherman haters.. whoever you are that like to harass and put down people with a passion.. Look deeper.. you might just see that for some it is more than just a game.. it is more than who is going to be the winner. Getting their, both teams are winners.. and just because they are their, what ever teams they are..lives change and hopefully they change for the better.. Glass half full.. never half empty..

Go Hawks.. I will forever be thankful for what this team gave me that one Superbowl Sunday.. 8 years ago.. RIP James Dale Agan 7/12/43 ~ 2/5/2006


The Journey ❤️

The journey has to feel right. If it doesn’t the destination when you get there won’t be right. I have been on a path before with another company and that path never felt right. I knew in my heart it wasn’t right but I moved down that path anyway. Now being on a journey that just feels right I know that my destination will be a exciting time. Make sure your journey feels right. Trust your Gut instinct. Believe in yourself. And always know that when God closes one door he always open others but it’s you that has to chose the right path.


Enrich your life in many ways.. Find a Church home.. The Message you hear might just be for you <3

This was the Worship Service at my Church a few Sundays ago.. As I sat there and listened to Pastor Randy, I heard his message loud and clear and it also hit home that these 4 principles are key to our success in so many areas of our lives.. If you are in Modesto I challenge you to come to “The Well” Church.. The teachings there will most importantly strengthen your spiritual life.. Give you a strong relationship with God, and quite possibly Change your life.. if you are not in Modesto you can watch the Worship Service from “The Well” at God Bless and I hope to see you at The Well ♥

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Sermon-102713 from The Well on Vimeo.

Sermon-102713 from The Well on Vimeo.

What a week it has been.. The Roller coaster you end up on when you realize your health is at Risk..


It was April 20th 2010 when I got the scare of my life.. I go that call that stated my biopsy showed Uterine Cancer.. I had went in because I just wasn’t feeling right.. Started with the female stuff and that was the result.. Or so we thought.. A few days into the testing I got another call and was told that the lab at Kaiser had possibly mixed my results with someone else’s … Back in I went and I am to assume the other person as well.. I prayed my result was clear but at the same time was sad that one of us was sure to have that biopsy that said Cancer.. A few more days passed and I got that call that said I was in the clear.. She did tell me that the protein in my Urinalysis was high and that there was signs of blood but that could just be because of the two biopsy’s that we would recheck later.. Well unfortunately insurance for us was very high as we paid it ourselves and the industry changing on us we had to let the coverage go just 9 days after all of that took place.. I have experienced back pain and fatigue for 2 and 1/2 years. I have done what I can to manage it on my own but was so glad when Insurance became an option through my husband returning to a union job..  So once again on Oct. 1st we were legit I guess you could say.. I made the appointment and off I went.. What I wasn’t expecting was a blood pressure of 172 over 104.. and yes they took it three times throughout the appointment .. always the same.. They immediately sent me upstairs and I proceeded to add to my stress as the staff seemed perplexed over my situation and I stubbornly told them “Your making my blood pressure higher, and I left..”

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I came home and sat at the computer.. Picked out a primary care physician and made an appointment.. Now, those of you that know me know I also took to the internet and found that a diuretic is a medicinal way to treat high blood pressure so I immediately got one and took one.. Monday and Tuesday.. Went to see the primary care physician on Wednesday and my BP was down to 156 over 94 and at the end of the appointment 149 over 90.. so already a huge improvement over the previous 2 days.. Then Thursday it was back to Kaiser for more tests..  this time protein is 20 and the other one which should be 0 is 2.0 so and actual improvement over 2 1/2 years ago there.. but only because I have been so aware of how my body feels.. I cut out drinking for the most part,.. I am down 40 lbs More at one point.. but solidly down the 40 lbs..  I know I still have a way to go to get these things under control but I will through better eating… My doctor actually said eat more greens and that is what I will do.. lol  thank god I can buy them in a powder form.. because me and Rabbit food are not friends..


I sit here and I think of all this and the timing of Obama Care and all that is happening in DC.. People need health insurance.. I am living proof of that.. My life could have very well been lost because I was a Walking Time Bomb that was waiting to explode in my chest.. Sounds graphic but all so true.. and believe it or not I am not a fan of Obama Care.. There is too many holes in it and too much too fast as far as the penalties for not getting it..  It is not affordable for those that need it most.. or even available.. It is making the costs of shared employee expense insurance go up.. Don’t understand why.. I don’t believe it is bad.. just don’t believe it is ready…


I am very thankful that I have the ability to get treatment.. I am thankful for my husband’s job.. I know so many don’t have that.. My industry if very stressful.. Being a Real Estate Broker in this economy, it’s not a shocker I have Stage ii Hypertension.. I do not want it any more.. I will be making changes.. SO long Stress.. or at least that is my Goal..



Jack of All Trades, Master of None..


We have all heard this “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”  but what does that really mean in your life.. I sit here shaking my head as I have seen so many people jump from one trade in the same field to another.. and the only reason is the last trade wasn’t easy enough.. Or they were not finding the success or income if you may at the previous field.. I am going to use a harsh but true example.. In the real estate industry I am a Broker that does sales.. buyers and sellers and it is what I always did.. Did the rug get pulled out from under me.. Yes it did as it did with so many others.. Did I add another stream of income.. Absolutely.. something I could do while I was pushing through the economic downturn in the housing market.. What I didn’t do is switch it up in the Real Estate Industry.. I know what I do, and I do it well.. I pushed through.. I didn’t switch to lending, appraising, underwriting.. it’s not what I do.. I did get into networking.. Which in turn brought me clients on the real estate side.. In the bigger picture.. it really is the same skill.. Meet potential clients, put them in “Funnel”  Add heartfelt value to them as you can, and one day they will refer you, hire you or join you ❤

I sit here and see people that post all over social media about how their lives suck, yet one day they are going one direction and the next they are the exact opposite direction.. It’s like a carnival ride.. Find a Path and stay the course.. Tyler Perry did a Video last year that really stuck with me..

Now that being said.. I did make some changes on my path 7 months ago.. Although I didn’t change my beliefs, or my industries.. I partnered with different people.. doing the same thing I am good at..  People make a huge difference in your success as far as keeping you motivated to do what you do every day.. You have to love where you are to do what you do successfully.. you also have to be committed to the work that is involved..

Decide what you truly want.. Be a scholar of that industry.. there is more to a TITLE then a name tag.. get the knowledge that you need to be credible at what it is you want to become and stay with that course..  Lead by example.. Treat others how you would want to be treated and Love and Trust in GOD.. That is my secret to SUCCESS.


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