Fierce and True.. No Excuses!

Hi Everyone,  I woke up this morning and this was on my mind. So I wanted to share. 

After joining My company and creating my team in LifeWave last week of July, 2019 I was pulled to make it a more full time “gig” because of my passion for the product is why I thought I was pulled to make it happen.. 8 months in, Covid_19 happened wiping out 3 out of 4 incomes in my household. My Network Marketing business was all we had. I look back now and because of my Faith in my Heavenly Father, I believe he sent me a message to get busy to protect my family. If you’re on the fence about Network Marketing as a valid side gig,  I can’t stress enough that you need to get started. In conventional business’ and “jobs” the future is unknown in ways none of us has ever seen and it’s imperative you take your Side gigs to all new levels and if you don’t have one yet you need to find that force to create urgency within yourself and find it.❤️ My drive was so intense this time, I ran to the very top rank in my company in 18 weeks. I’m a real estate broker by trade. I didn’t bring in a existing team, I was not slotted. I was not paid. I came in for with a fierce passion for an incredible technology and went to work.  I don’t even have a shared leg with the up-line I joined. I became the power leg to my up-line within days.

eZy Watermark_18-05-2020_10-35-05AMMy point is there is no excuses! Find a company you can be passionate about and go to work!  Network Marketing is the only avenue where you can secure your financial future with very little investment. Your success depends on your efforts and those efforts don’t cost you a dime. They will need your investment of time but right now more people than ever before seriously have time to make it happen. I challenge each and everyone of you starting today to make a promise to yourself to come out of Covid_19 better then you came in, spiritually and financially. 


I’m sharing with you my Social Media Strategies Video to help you build online

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The Big Night came and went.. Will there be change?

The big Night has come and gone.. Today’s social media has been filled with comments of excitement and disappointment.. What I find most interesting this time around is how evenly divided the Nation is… For me I am a True believer of “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” but I think we can all agree on this one thing.. Our Nation is Broke.. Was Romney what we need to fix it.. Well we will never know that answer… What I do know is that Mr. Obama, You may be the head of the white house.. but you are not in control of my house.. We will continue to persevere, even though with what this Real Estate and Contractor household has endured over the past 5 years would have shut many households down.. We will continue to continue and do the best we can…Am I nervous.. Yes I am.. Do I have my moments of losing faith.. yep, I am human just like all of you out there… What I know is all I have is me to make a difference… I will continue to do my best to do just that…

I will wake up every morning and remind myself.. ” I am unsinkable”  I Challenge each and every one of you to do the same… Be unsinkable…

If you have always been the one that held your head high.. No Matter what your day faced.. That could lead to feeling so alone.. You are the strong one who never needs help or words of encouragement… but continue to encourage yourself.. you will get there.. Things will get better ❤

And always remember the words from the picture below…

What it takes to be a Champion..

They are the San Francisco Giants.. World Series Champions for the second time in three seasons of Baseball. Reveled as the underdog or the come back kids.. What they truly are is a amazing team that has a heart of Gold. A team that knows that each and every person plays a vital role in their success. A team that doesn’t have one strong ego driven soul amongst them. I celebrated along side them today just as I did two seasons ago.

I stood in back and watched as everyone else did. The difference in me this time after 20 months of team building was I picked up more on the pride you could see they had in their team. That pride wasn’t about their individual success or just about where their success could be taking them by themselves. It was about their team and their fans. That’s exactly what’s so important to me.. I may not be the first to get there. But when I do my team will be with me.. I know I am building for the long term, not for the right nowツ


I took my kids today and I know they will be able to tell their kids that two times in three seasons they celebrated with the S.F. Giants.. Life is about creating memories that will never be forgotten while your time is here on this earth. If you are going to do it.. Do it with ethics, moral values and do it with your team in mind. You can’t go wrong ツ

San Francisco Giants Postseason Highlight REEL 2012 from Maniego Media on Vimeo.

Get cash to sell the home you can’t afford…

Since the beginning of the housing crisis, millions of homeowners have found themselves pinned in by their financial circumstances and chained to a mortgage on which they owe more than their home is worth. In the past, homeowners enduring these challenges had very few options, and most would be forced to lose their home to foreclosure.

Today, however, there are more options. The government and the banks have created a multitude of programs and foreclosure alternatives that can help people in these circumstances find a dignified solution for their problems without crippling their financial future. These options include loan modifications, refinancing, or short sales.

The most amazing development in today’s market, however, is one simple fact: Banks are now willing to give cash to homeowners to sell the home they can’t afford.

Please contact me today if you or someone you know could use my help and wants the latest information about current incentives available to distressed homeowners.

Kathy Rodriguez

209-652-2257 or

Forward ~ The Network Marketing Movie…

Forward: “The Network Marketing Movie” is a recently released authentic documentary about the network marketing industry.

In the movie, 20 entrepreneurs from the Network Marketing industry were interviewed… This is an upfront, close and personal journey with a few Network Marketers… who at one time were just like you.. They at one time wondered, Can I do this?.. Can I really make a living at this?.. If you are sitting there reading this and are making a choice as to whether you should get started.. You are just like me.. I was in the same shoes you are in right now.. And I have to say they were not comfortable shoes to be in, but I knew something in my life had to change… I knew I wanted more, and I certainly understood that if I wanted something different  I needed to do something different.  I didn’t have this short clip of an amazing industry either.. I had simply a beautiful lady that I admired from a far for years sitting next to me at lunch telling me, “You Can Do This”  I guess that was enough as I gave her my credit card number and $557.00 later I was yet again in business for myself… But what was still left to learn is that I was not by myself.. Jennifer’s support has been amazing and I have managed to build an incredible team… I have a huge passion for what I get paid to promote as on “The Challenge” I have lost nearly 80 lbs and my husband has lost nearly 60 lbs.. (That’s like kicking out an average sized person out of our home) and into a crumbling household that was formerly a Real Estate Broker (I am Still in Real Estate) and Contractor ( We have closed his shop and retired him from Construction 🙂 ) household… “The Challenge” with Visalus has added a 6 Figure income to our household, Two Monthly BMW Car allowances and Free Challenge Packages month after month… Life has Certainly changed for us.. We are looking to expand our team so, no matter where you are…We Want You!! We train and hold challenge parties immediately Via Skype, Facetime, Mobile Phones and we will travel to you to get you launched .. Think about your “End in Mind” .. Thinking about adding a “Plan B” .. Why not do it with the #1 Home Based Business, Promoting the #1 Health Challenge in the World.. being a part of the solution to the #1 Health Crisis in America today…

To Understand This Industry that I have so fallen in Love with… Watch the Trailer below and then contact me.. 209-652-2257.. Let me help you get started.. I am looking for Coach-able people that want change…

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To hear about what we do Click the link Below to listen in on My Teams Daily Power Call

Daily Power Call 

We can be a part of Monumental Change

The Nation is facing a crisis of Obesity and increasing declining health of Millions of Americans. In my household alone we have lost over 140lbs between my husband and myself. I am still working on reaching my goal.. As of today I about 80 lbs down. Life is good and with the Body By Vi Challenge I have no doubt I will get there. I love being a part of the solution and no longer a part of the problem. You can get started on your Challenge at

Watch the videos below and if that doesn’t move you do get started I don’t know what will..

Forks over Knives”

Another AMAZING eye opener.

It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are, and have always been, better for us to eat.

Our children are not predicted to live longer than us. This could be the first generation to not outlive their parents.

There is NO need for Type 2 Diabetes, for Obesity, or skyrocketing rates of Cancers, Heart Disease, and other preventable diseases.

Don’t be a Victim. Take control of your life, your children and make better choices.

I meet so many people say on and say out, Promoting the Challenge fore is more than a business, so much more.. It is having the ability to spread the message that what we are doing is not enough. We all need to do so much more. I am not just changing my life I am changing the lives of so many and that is what makes this the best business, challenge I have ever been a part in… We have just begun.

Food Matters… (Trailer)

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Escape Your Unmanageable Mortgage: Getting free doesn’t have to mean running away.

Perhaps you have heard about it.

On the news, a reporter tells a story about how the housing crisis has caused some homeowners to simply walk away from their homes. It sounds crazy, but many people are being led to believe that walking away from their home is a good (or even the best!) option.

It is called Strategic Default. For distressed homeowners who believe that they have no good choices left, the idea of walking away free of consequence may sound like a relief. The reality, however, is that choosing strategic default has serious repercussions on your credit.


As a real estate professional who has earned the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, my mission is to provide financially-challenged homeowners with options to escape from unmanageable mortgages without running away.

Facing your problems head-on is always the best solution. Let me help.

Kathy Rodriguez

Zeek Rewards Closes it’s doors..

Through out the past year of me venturing into the Network Marketing arena.. I have found myself be approached by so many opportunities…  Over whelming at times to say the least.. I was approached about Zeek twice just last week.. Several times in the past year… I am a research junkie.. and so it wasn’t hard for me to find that there were concerns with Zeek.. But that said, people were making money like crazy.. “Get in and get out”, I was told by one person last week.. I wished her will with Zeek and simply made the choice it was not for me..


Let me tell you why.. I don’t want to ever be a jumper.. My commitment and my conviction is with Visalus.. I want to build this team for “Forever”

As a kid my mother moved around a lot and to explain what “a lot” means.. I never went to a school for a full School year with out transferring  and the average was 3 schools a year..until I was a Sophomore in High School.. So moving is just not something I am comfortable with.. I have always felt to my core that Visalus was a Forever company.. I am building my business for the years ahead of me not for the right now.. I may not be the fastest runner but I know I am one of the strongest when it comes to team support and longevity…

So for all the Zeek associates out there, My heart goes out to you.. as I know how it would hurt me if the business I had so much passion for suddenly closed its doors..  My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you as you get through this uncertain time..

Included are some links to more information from news station about the Closing of Zeek Rewards…

MyFox8News Lexington on Zeek Closing…

Dispatch of Lexington..