My Journey

Its come to my attention that people who claim to know me are saying things they know nothing about so to set the record straight this is My Journey.. Jan 2015 I joined weight watchers because I needed to be healthier..I also made the decision to quite drinking.. I started a 1200 calorie a day regimen.. eliminated alcohol and went gluten-free.. By Sept 2015 I was 70 lbs lighter.. at my Dr’s request I went to speak to a bariatric surgeon and she suggested I get a VSG procedure (Vertical Sleave Gastrectomy) and I actually said no.. I’m doing fine.. She educated me on where the stomach hormone is created and how when you have a stretched out stomach from being a chronic over eater creates more of the hunger hormone then a successful diet and regimen withstands and that all a VSG does is correct the size of a overeaters stomach to that of a non over eater, and one that will fit my new habits.. She actually gave me this analogy and I will share it with you.. If you were to injure your knee and stretch the tendons you would let a surgeon get inside that knee and repair it so the injury could heal? I said of course I would, She said “Why wont you let me repair what the years of overeating did to your stomach? Sept 21 a mere 3 weeks later because I had already proved to her that my life style change was in fact permanent, I had a VSG procedure.. Humbly I will say I am 17 lbs heavier than my lowest weight.. Why, because it is a constant battle to stay the course of healthier eating.. I still don’t drink and wont drink because of the lives I have seen destroyed and Because of the judgement I have endured although I don’t judge.. You want to drink, go for it.. I don’t.. I love life and spend time with those that love life and human spirit as much as I do.. you can post your comments, you can attempt to disparage me all you want because I know what I know.. and I know for a fact you don’t.. I have never hid the fact that I made the choice to have the VSG..

On the weight loss side if anyone out there thinks that no matter how you change your life for the better, even for those that chose a procedure, that is their journey and for those that have never walked it let me tell you this.. I am in support groups for weight loss.. it’s a journey and no matter what journey you are on, its hard.. bypass, VSG, band.. not one of these paths is taking the easy path.. Many, Many people on this journey fail.. Weight comes back.. I am here to pick any of you up and help you reach the top.. Shame on anyone that wants to disparage one because they have chosen a path you don’t like.. or maybe one that you dont have the courage to accomplish..

The struggle is real.. I’ve lived it.. In fact I am still living it.. I’m a overeater.. I’m an emotional eater, but even the likes of people who hate wont take me off my path.. They are not worth it.. I am more valuable than that..

Big Hugs to all that are on this journey.. Together we can all make it to goal.. One day ❤




Does your “Walk” match your “Talk”?

Be Honest.. Have Integrity.. And always ask your self this.. Are your actions indicative to what you preach? It’s about the walk you walk.. not the talk you talk.. ❤ So often I listen, and then stand back and just watch.. all to often I see the “Walk” does not match the “Talk”.. Pay close attention.. Hold people accountable.. and don’t hesitate to walk away, if they are not “Walking the Talk they Talk” they don’t deserve you. Hold your head high because you can say.. My “Talk” matches my “Walk”

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I refuse to change this part of me.. but will handle it differently in 2017 

Are you that one person who points out “wrong” when you see it? 

Well I am and I do it out of my inner core because I care so much to make sure that only the truth is spoke. 

Nothing infuriates me more when I see or hear of people that speak ill will about others because really, Do you walk in their shoes? No so you certainly can not know what they are dealing  with and unless you have the facts, who are you to judge and pass judgement and when spreading a inaccuracy about someone, how can that make you any better? 

My other infuriating characteristic is when people think that embellishing the truth to “let’s say” close a deal is wrong on so many levels because if your not completely honest all the time, “What and who are you?” I would rather people know the truth all the time. I want people to know if I spoke it, it’s what I know from my deepest inner core of my being. 

You may not want to hear what I have to say but if I’m saying it, it’s the truth.

Yes we all have those moments when we having taken ones work for the truth because we trusted those people but when one finds out that the truth is not being spoken, How do you handle that especially when you were the one that was spreading their lie with them ? 

This Year when I find people like that I will distance myself from them. Even if they are what some consider half truths (yes this is what I’m told) what is half truth? I’ll have to keep searching for that answer because for me, it’s true or untrue. Half truth doesn’t exist except in the eyes of those speaking them even when they know their not true. 

So for 2017 I’m committed as always to the truth. This Year though I’m realizing that with some this can’t be changed and walking away just might be a better path. 

Determined to surround myself with people that make my heart sing and eliminate all frustration. Life’s just to short. 

God Bless to you all and may 2017 be our best year yet ❤

Long Term Care Insurance ~ Do you need it? 

The Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance, also called nursing home insurance, has become an increasingly popular topic over the last decade. Long Term Care (LTC) actually refers to a wide range of medical and personal services for individuals (often seniors) who need help with daily activities for an extended period of time, usually more than 90 days.

Long-term care insurance provides a number of benefits. Here is the nitty gritty on the top five:

1. Benefit without Risk of Loss

Did you know that companies guarantee that you will receive some of the benefits for which you paid, in case you lose your coverage or decide to cancel the policy. This guarantee is known as the benefit without risk of loss. The benefit increases the longer premiums are paid on your policy.

Generally, the benefit without risk of loss will pay the amount that is greater than the final amount of the total insurance premiums that was paid or a multiplier of 30x, i.e., your daily benefit for a nursing home on the date the policy ended multiplied by 30.

2. Protection of Benefits especially against Inflation

It may be years before you need long-term care services. During that time, the cost of long-term care may increase. Protection against inflation increases the level of your benefits to help you with increasing the cost of services.

Long term care insurance policies include an inflation adjustment clause to ensure that benefits are maintained in line with rising care costs. Additional protection includes a ‘guaranteed renewable’ clause which states that the policy cannot be canceled when you age or suffer physical or mental impairment, and a non-confiscation benefit, which guarantees that a portion of your benefits will still be available if you can your policy.

3. Implications on taxes

Most long-term care policies qualify for federal taxes. This means that the premiums paid as well as the extra expenses paid by you out of your pocket towards long-term care can be applicable on deductions of 7.5% of medical expenses contained in the federal tax code.

In addition, the benefits of long-term care received are not taxed up to certain limits. Check with a tax advisor to learn more about the implications of long-term care insurance on taxes.

4. Restoration of Benefits

Some policies restore benefits to the original maximum amounts if you do not need long-term care services for a specified period, usually six months. For example, suppose your policy has a maximum benefit period of three years and you were in a nursing home for one year. If you did not need additional long-term care services in a minimum of six months after leaving the nursing home, your original three-year benefit period will be automatically restored.

5. Insurance Premium Payment Exemption

Many policies include an additional insurance premium exemption clause. This clause allows you to stop paying insurance premiums when you receive the benefits of the policy. Companies may not apply the insurance premium as soon as they make the first payment of benefits, but after a specific time which can be 2 to 3 months after the first payment. It is possible that this additional clause applies only to certain benefits (for example, home health services or nursing home).