Jack of All Trades, Master of None..


We have all heard this “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”  but what does that really mean in your life.. I sit here shaking my head as I have seen so many people jump from one trade in the same field to another.. and the only reason is the last trade wasn’t easy enough.. Or they were not finding the success or income if you may at the previous field.. I am going to use a harsh but true example.. In the real estate industry I am a Broker that does sales.. buyers and sellers and it is what I always did.. Did the rug get pulled out from under me.. Yes it did as it did with so many others.. Did I add another stream of income.. Absolutely.. something I could do while I was pushing through the economic downturn in the housing market.. What I didn’t do is switch it up in the Real Estate Industry.. I know what I do, and I do it well.. I pushed through.. I didn’t switch to lending, appraising, underwriting.. it’s not what I do.. I did get into networking.. Which in turn brought me clients on the real estate side.. In the bigger picture.. it really is the same skill.. Meet potential clients, put them in “Funnel”  Add heartfelt value to them as you can, and one day they will refer you, hire you or join you ❤

I sit here and see people that post all over social media about how their lives suck, yet one day they are going one direction and the next they are the exact opposite direction.. It’s like a carnival ride.. Find a Path and stay the course.. Tyler Perry did a Video last year that really stuck with me..

Now that being said.. I did make some changes on my path 7 months ago.. Although I didn’t change my beliefs, or my industries.. I partnered with different people.. doing the same thing I am good at..  People make a huge difference in your success as far as keeping you motivated to do what you do every day.. You have to love where you are to do what you do successfully.. you also have to be committed to the work that is involved..

Decide what you truly want.. Be a scholar of that industry.. there is more to a TITLE then a name tag.. get the knowledge that you need to be credible at what it is you want to become and stay with that course..  Lead by example.. Treat others how you would want to be treated and Love and Trust in GOD.. That is my secret to SUCCESS.


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Busy and Blessed


There are many companies you can align yourself with, they all have a product, the biggest difference is who you chose to partner with and what you put into your business as far as effort and time. I chose to go to Nutrie because I knew I was partnering with a great group of leaders in a company built without hype. Has being in a start up company been tough? Yep it has, but that doesn’t scare me. The reasons I came to Nutrie are still the reasons I am with Nutrie. Many have jumped to other companies already but I am here for the long haul and I am blessed by those that have chose to Run with me.

I had a pastor tonight make a reference of Divine meetings coming into his life and he felt him meeting with My business partner and myself was a divine meeting, put in his path by God and I could so relate because I felt the same way when I saw someone I respected make the choice to go to Nutrie, I knew I had to go. I felt it was an answer to my prayers. I have no regrets. I love this company and the people involved. It just feels right. So one meeting at a time, whether it is face to face, in a group or over the phone, in between showing homes, taking listings and negotiating deals, being a mom, a taxi driver (for my kids) and a wife, I will make the time and I will build this team. Who is ready to build with me ❤ I am not “busy and stressed.” I am busy and BLESSED”


Is it just me.. Or does anyone else miss the good old days?


I am sitting here and thinking about how over stimulated everyone has become. Social media this and that. Groups to share information. Everything, even if it is perfectly innocent becomes something to talk about. Just because it is posted people perceive it to be true. It seems as if a simple post can be taken out of context to the point of becoming dangerous to the person it is posted about.


Ok.. This will seriously date me as I remember the days when the phone was at your home, office or corner phone booth. I remember getting my first cell phone (yes, it was the size of a brick) and being so excited about having it. And now I appreciated a little time this past holiday when I had no signal and believe me I feel guilty saying that because it is always with me. I laughed when I remembered that if we just didn’t want to talk to anyone we took the phone off the hook. Hilarious to think of that now as that is not even possible. If I told my kids to take the phone off the hook, they would look at me like I was nuts!

Then there is Social Media, and please know I love Social Media. I love it to share knowledge, cute photos of kids and pets, motivation but (and this is just my opinion) playing out play by play of ones life in every specific detail, locations, how one grooms them self.. Who they hate.. ( I believe positive in public, negative in private ) some people seem to have lost the sense of boundaries. Back in the day one would never get on stage in front of the largest football stadium and tell the audience they hate their neighbor, blurt out their gross behavior and etc etc etc, but some seem to have no problem telling a audience of who knows how many via twitter every detail.. Play by play. Now, sharing funny behaviors of your significant other is a wife’s right ツ lol. Yes that is social media abbreviation. A good friend once said that means “Lots of Love”


There are so many amazing things about how all this over stimulation has changed our lives and how we do business. The target market if you have a product and service in your business is reached via social media on such a grander scale. The bang for your buck has a much larger reach. Millions have been made by those who become a student of the internet and apply all they can learn.

And last but not least, if the technology is used properly today it can actual give you more quality time out doing the things you love because your office is wherever you are.. My iPad and iPhone is the most valuable possession I have ever purchased to use in my business. My office can be wherever I need it to be. Now that being said, I believe a vacation should be a vacation but since technology has allowed us to be more portable why not change your office view when you can.

So although I miss the simple days at times, I will be the first to confess I would be lost without all the technology advances I have at my fingertips today.
Example.. I just wrote this blog from my iPhone. I love my iPhone ツ


Taking a Negative and Making it a Positive..


I came a crossed this video on my Facebook feed this morning and it really made me think.. As a Child growing up I did not have the childhood experiences that most have.. but it is something I never talk about.. It has always amazed me when I hear people blaming their past for their present.. it actually quietly infuriates me.. Why, Because at a very young age I realized with what I credit God for, showing me that “I can be the change I want to see in my life..” I can break the cycle, the circle, what ever the Buzz word in Psychology today is.. I was about 11 years old.. From the moment  I had that message delivered to me in a spiritual way as I sit in the corner of my bedroom crying in fear I knew “I had to be the Change” The message that came to me in a bright light was just what Aurora said in this video..”Take the negatives and make them positive” “You don’t have to have this life”

As I look back and think of how things have evolved it takes a lot to just really think about what could have been..Those memories are buried deep within and I just don’t like to think about it.. but when I think of the other possible outcome and I have a vivid picture of what could have been and I will explain that later.. It is a sad reminder that all though over the past few years things changed directions on me, Economy driven mostly.. I sit here almost angry that I am not where I wanted to be.. but I need to remember how far I have come.. and embrace that.. Even in this economic downturn there is a positive.. I am meeting new people whom I already adore.. I am learning new things and this path very well could take us to a whole new level that could never have happened without this change.. Take the Negatives and Make them Positives..

Now for the people out there that are wondering about, Was it really that bad.. Think of it this way.. I have one sister whom I was raised with.. She is 15 months older.. She had her first child at 15, Was in Prostitution by the age of 18. Dropped of school at 15, Drugs, 2 more kids that she never raised as the state took them from her..spent most of her adult life in jail and prison and now she is on permanent disability living on merely Govt. help.. Choices.. The only difference.. I chose a different path..And believe me when I say that for years I tried to pull her up with me..she just had no desire to be better..  As far as my mother whom no matter what ” she did the best she could “. She found the love of her life on marriage # 14.. You got to hand it to her for never giving up.. It was not what she did that caused so much damage to us girls.. It was what she allowed the men she was with to do to her girls that caused the damage..

All I can say to the people out there that might be struggling.. Fight through it and be the example of change.. Only you can make that difference.. thank you Aurora for making me remember.. and giving me the courage to at least tell part of my story.. As this is more than I have ever told.. You are my blessing today..

God Bless

Introducing your business..


Talking about your business…

Be the product, don’t just talk about the product..
Make it a part of what you do everyday..
When people ask you how you’re doing simply say.. “I am awesome” work is great but what has me so excited is Nutrie.. (Silence)..

It is human nature that when a person is left hanging they in turn will ask, “What’s Nutrie?”

Oh. I thought I had told you.. I partnered with Kim Lyons to launch her new health and fitness program which is an awesome new smart phone app called Automatic Body ツ … Pause.. Confused look.. Gosh, I really thought I reached out to you .. ( because you probably should have already) I thought I had reached out to everyone as I want the ones that I love and trust most in first.. And that’s certainly you. I have been so crazy busy but I really thought I got this info out to you ツ

Explain to them that the company has put together a great three-minute video.. ( who doesn’t have three minutes) make sure you have their cell number and tell them you will text them the link.. I have this video on my YouTube page and the link is http://youtu.be/6mnsApviuYE so you can use that link or Create your own YouTube page and send out the link from your own video..

Then just text them the 3 minute video and your website. If you have time watch it right there together if you ran into them. If you forwarded it to them followup will be the key to success..

Ask them if they will talk with your business partner and get them on the phone with me.. What we have in front of us right now is crazy.. Getting the word out to the people you know is the key to you guys finding success. If you can do that 10 times a week
your business will grow!!

Followup is key to your success.. Three way calls build massive volume!! Call them and ask them if they watched the video.. And get them on the phone with your up line ツ
Try it this week.. Let me know how it works for you..

Ps.. In other words.. Stop throwing up on people ツ your Network is an endless line of people you are connected to.. Who can you talk to today?


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Why the time is NOW for The Automatic Body Program
The revolutionary Automatic Body program developed in part by Kim Lyons is literally taking the World by storm. Whether your goal is to lose the excess weight that you have gained over the past few years, or if you’re the fitness person who wants to gain more muscle mass or simply just tone up; Automatic Body is for you. We have all seen the fly by night weight loss programs but what you may not know is that 80% of those programs fail, yes you may lose weight initially but guess what……the weight comes right back and often times you gain more weight back than you loss. This is not the case with Automatic Body. The Automatic Body program was developed around the Nutrie family of products, more specifically Skinne & Fuel. By introducing these two products into your daily routine along with a subtle change to your daily routine over a multiple week time frame you will start to see amazing results, results that last. No more being a statistic of being a product of a weight loss program that did not keep the weight off.

Some interesting facts:

37.5% of U.S. adults are obese*, that is roughly one-third of the Adults in America
17% of the youth in the U.S. are obese*.

Why are those stats so important? Well the reason is simple, one in three people in the U.S. are potential customers for the Automatic Body Program.

The map below demonstrates the Prevalence of Obesity among adults in the U.S.


*all statistics are from http://www.cdc.gov 2009-2010 report

The time is now to make a change and take your first step in the direction of better health!

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