X39 Testimony from a parent who’s daughter is doing much better after starting X39

This sweet girl… she’s healing, finally! Praise Jesus. It’s not all a straight uninterrupted line, but it’s amazing & so beautiful to truly FEEL her present with me at times. 2017 was sooo hard on this family & took Sabrina backwards again. Enter PANS. Recurring Lyme infections. Non-responder. Anyone feel me?!

Her eyes are bright & sparkling today, the butterfly rash across her nose & cheeks (look up lupus rash) is much quieter. She’s holding my hand, asking me questions, preferring being with us (not in her room by herself) & softer. I’m celebrating this today!!!! Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers… Even if temporary, I celebrate! Life IS SOOOOOO SHORT! I asked her if I could take a picture of her green eyes & she said, “Of course”. She told me, “Mommy, you are pretty today.” when I put on my makeup. This girl! She’s 100% IN THERE! Lifewave X39 is helping our family! 💜💜💜 #SabiJo #Autism #ChronicLyme #PANS #greeneyegirl

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The first study on X39 elevating GHK and GHK-Cu has now been published:

International Journal of Healing and Caring


Click to access Connor%20M%20%2020-2F.pdf

Click to access Connor%20C-20-2FP.pdf

There are a number of published studies which show how GHK-Cu improves stem cell mobilization as well as conversion of the stem cells in the skin to pluripotent stem cells.  I have a full reference list on this but here are two as an example.



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Smart Financial Planning For Retirement ~ Ask Your Self One Question.. Are You Prepared?

No matter what stage you are in your life, planning your retirement is never an easy task.
Money is a necessary commodity that enables you to achieve your life goals, whatever they may be. Whether you want to buy a new car or save up for retirement, planning beforehand is the key. You have many dreams and wishes, but have to have a solid action plan behind them to convert it into something special.
So, next time you’re thinking of treating yourself to a $1000 watch, you need to think about how it may potentially affect your retirement plan and budget. Remember, good saving habits can help keep you out of financial troubles after you retire.
If you’ve never thought about setting some plan once retirement is near, this is the right time to do so! Here are a few key tips that you should be really looking at.
1 – Have A Written Retirement Plan In Place

You can’t achieve the formula to a successful retirement without having a solid plan in place, and the plan cannot be just in your head, or in bits and pieces here and there, it needs to be written down. A written retirement plan with goals provides the road map for every step you need to take.
Remember, financial success is a choice. It is an outcome of many small decisions you make every day. With no frame of action or a long-term plan in place, your life would like a boat without a rudder: just twirling in circles with no sense of direction whatsoever!
2 – Never Be Intimidated By Financial Jargon

It’s hard to avoid. There is jargon everywhere in the money world. When you are reading about or discussing your finances with a consultant, you will come across complicated financial terms and phrases. If a concept is not clear to you, you should just go ahead and ask the consultant to explain it to you. If they tell you to avoid debt and save 15% of your salary every month, you need to ask them how it might work with your current expenses. You can even go over your monthly expenses with them and see where you are losing money.
3 – Live Within Your Means
Try not to max out your credit card. Before you buy something, ask yourself if you really need it and if you can live without it. Rewarding yourself with something you like every once in a while is not a bad idea, but you need to keep your expenses in control if you want to save money every month.
4 – Have A Budget
Budgeting helps cut down on extravagant spending. Allocate reasonable amounts to spending on each item and limit extra expenditure. Keep a target amount you want to save monthly and distribute expenses accordingly. Maintaining efficient tracking of all outflows and inflow is essential in this regard.
5 – Keep A Record For Every Transaction
Maintain an expenses diary or an excel sheet to tabulate what you’ve spent so far. It helps you discover amazing things you’ve never noticed in your spending style.
6 – Set Realistic Goals
Keeping realistic targets help ensure that they are attainable. No one can possibly save up to $8,000 monthly out of an annual income of $40,000.
7 – Repay Debt
Being debt free in today’s leveraged economy is the ultimate gateway to financial freedom. Prioritize your repayments accordingly to estimate the required amount of time to repay all that you owe.
8 – Invest
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while saving can be a gruesome task. Find out investment opportunities by staying in tune with the happenings of the financial world. Get to know when an existing company is going public; empirically IPO shares quadruple in value in a week’s time.
9 – Seek Financial Advice
Pay attention to the financial advice you are getting, no matter how insignificant it may be. A little help goes a long way. Make sure to carry out a credential check of your financial advisor. Check for his disciplinary record by some financial regulatory body. Always, ask to talk to other clients. If your advisor doesn’t approve of this, probably its best to walk away.
Bonus Tip

Don’t fall in the trap of fake performance promises. Numerous financial advisors boast about their previous returns. Past performance, as they say, is no guarantee for future gains just like the economic random walk theory when it comes to stock trading.

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Is it just me.. Or does anyone else miss the good old days?


I am sitting here and thinking about how over stimulated everyone has become. Social media this and that. Groups to share information. Everything, even if it is perfectly innocent becomes something to talk about. Just because it is posted people perceive it to be true. It seems as if a simple post can be taken out of context to the point of becoming dangerous to the person it is posted about.


Ok.. This will seriously date me as I remember the days when the phone was at your home, office or corner phone booth. I remember getting my first cell phone (yes, it was the size of a brick) and being so excited about having it. And now I appreciated a little time this past holiday when I had no signal and believe me I feel guilty saying that because it is always with me. I laughed when I remembered that if we just didn’t want to talk to anyone we took the phone off the hook. Hilarious to think of that now as that is not even possible. If I told my kids to take the phone off the hook, they would look at me like I was nuts!

Then there is Social Media, and please know I love Social Media. I love it to share knowledge, cute photos of kids and pets, motivation but (and this is just my opinion) playing out play by play of ones life in every specific detail, locations, how one grooms them self.. Who they hate.. ( I believe positive in public, negative in private ) some people seem to have lost the sense of boundaries. Back in the day one would never get on stage in front of the largest football stadium and tell the audience they hate their neighbor, blurt out their gross behavior and etc etc etc, but some seem to have no problem telling a audience of who knows how many via twitter every detail.. Play by play. Now, sharing funny behaviors of your significant other is a wife’s right ツ lol. Yes that is social media abbreviation. A good friend once said that means “Lots of Love”


There are so many amazing things about how all this over stimulation has changed our lives and how we do business. The target market if you have a product and service in your business is reached via social media on such a grander scale. The bang for your buck has a much larger reach. Millions have been made by those who become a student of the internet and apply all they can learn.

And last but not least, if the technology is used properly today it can actual give you more quality time out doing the things you love because your office is wherever you are.. My iPad and iPhone is the most valuable possession I have ever purchased to use in my business. My office can be wherever I need it to be. Now that being said, I believe a vacation should be a vacation but since technology has allowed us to be more portable why not change your office view when you can.

So although I miss the simple days at times, I will be the first to confess I would be lost without all the technology advances I have at my fingertips today.
Example.. I just wrote this blog from my iPhone. I love my iPhone ツ