Another Super-Bowl Sunday comes and goes..

The morning of February 5, 2006 my team the Seattle Seahawks were preparing for their very first Super Bowl Sunday game as I prepared for my first hosting of my teams visit to the big games by throwing a party at my home.

Before the game could even start, as I hurried around preparing for the Big Day my phone rings. My Dad calls to say “Good Luck Today” “I’ll be routing for your Seahawks” we chatted and I said, got to go Dad. Still lots to do. Less then a hour after I hung up the phone, the phone rings again and the words uttered at the other end of that line dropped me to my knees. My dad was found dead when they went looking for him because he didn’t return from a walk he ventured out on with his dog.

As people showed for the party my husband shared the news and people graciously left as I sat by myself in tears for the better part of the day. Several

Super Bowls past before I even watched again as it was a reminder of all I put off that now could never transpire.

The one day I realized if it weren’t for the Seahawks making it to the Big Game on that very day, I wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to share the conversation we had that Morning. So looking at the glass half full, I was blessed to at least have that.

So I’m back to watching the big game but it’s still a reminder of all that was lost. A reminder that tomorrow is not promised. That putting off until tomorrow what should be done today is a risk that sometimes can’t be undone.

If you were here today Dad, I’d call you to say, Rhonda is better today then I’ve heard her be ever in my adult life. I know you always worried that she’d never find a path to some sort of wellness.

I’d call to say I love you, just because..

So if you love someone make sure you let them know. If you need to be someplace, get there.. because putting it off could very well mean it will never happen.

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No Matter How Slow You Go…

As the saying goes.. No Matter how slow you go you are still lapping everyone on the couch..

As a Network Marketer there is no particular boss to say that you have not met your goal.. You are a entrepreneur and that means it is up to you and the only recourse you will have by not meeting a goal you might have set is what you put yourself through.. What I have seen happen the most is a person will join the team.. have amazing and possibly exhausting unreachable goals, time rolls around and they find themselves in a position of facing what they perceive as failure.. Wake up people.. there is no failure unless you quit… Doing a business that involves direct sales has no correct speed… Now keeping that is mind, those who go faster and do so by following the system that the company that they are with will undoubtedly find the most amount of success the fastest… Now that being said, not everyone is going to have the ability to “run like a race horse” and that is ok… Do what you can at a pace that let’s you stay in control.. Here at Visalus we have people running to Ambassador or as I like to say it beings I am a Race fan, 0-60 in 4 seconds flat… but you know what.. it doesn’t impress me… What impress and excites me is when the Ashleigh’s of the world after more then a year in the business really get in touch with their why and begin to Run, When the a couple whom has been with Visalus for more then 5 years hits the rank of Ambassador, or actually 1 Star Ambassador because that showed me they were not quitters.. There is now speed that is to slow… Just don’t quite and set small goals that you will know you can complete.. Make 3 phone calls a day to give out your website.. This is not hard and something everyone can do.. Stay plugged in and go to the trainings.. Everyone needs training… Get out there and make it happen.. Even if it is a little bit at a time.. ❤

Reposting a article I found on the benifits of Vitamin B3 Niacin…

This explains so much… so many times we eat healthy but don’t really understand what is actually helping what??

Since I started drinking the Vi-Shape shake I have noticed my hair and nails grow so much faster and are healthier… now I know it is the Niacin in the Shakes… One shake gives you 30% of the RDA required…

Foods Sources High In Vitamin B3 Niacin

Vitamin B3 is commonly known and often displayed as Niacin on food labels. Vitamin B3 is found in a large variety of foods ranging from vegetables, meats, nuts and grains. While almost all foods contain some amount of Niacin, the largest quantities come from meat sources, with liver containing the highest amounts. Along with most of the B-complex vitamins, the major function of Niacin is it´s role in converting carbohydrates into useful energy. Vitamin B3 is also an important vitamin because of it´s role in digestion.

Niacin is a water-soluble nutrient, which means excess amounts are removed from the body during urination. Because of this, the recommended amount of 14-18mg must be consumed consistently as deficiency symptoms can begin to occur after a relatively short amount of time. One of the functions of Vitamin B3 is in the production of hair and fingernails. Because of this function, a sudden change in hair and fingernail quality is often the first symptom of a Niacin deficiency. Vegans and Vegetarians should pay close attention to their intake of this nutrient, similar to most of the B-complex vitamins.

Meat is the most common source of Vitamin B3, and most individuals can get their daily supply from just a small portion of meat per day. Some types of meat, particularly liver, provide very high amounts of the nutrient, but all meats provide large amounts. This includes chicken, red meat as well as fish. Because of the health risks of red meat, and the health benefits of most types of fish, it is recommended to add fish to your weekly meal plans and reduce the number of times red meat is eaten per week.

There are also many foods that contain Vitamin B3 in lesser amounts. These include all types of nuts, seeds and beans. The health benefits of these three types of food, along with their large amounts of Niacin makes them an excellent choice to add some variety to your meals and snacks. Eggs, Milk and other dairy products also contain good amounts of Vitamin B3, but they do not provide as many other health benefits as the other choices mentioned.

Almost all vegetables contain small amounts of Niacin, but a few random vegetables contain significantly higher amounts, these include avocados, tomatoes and carrots. As with nuts, beans and seeds, these three vegetables also have other important health benefits besides Vitamin B3 so deserve special attention when planning meals.

Niacin is also found in large amounts in the outer layers of most grains. For this reason, whole grain foods are preferred over processed foods. However, many breads and cereals that have the Vitamin B3 removed during processing, later have it added back afterwards. This is noted on food labels as énriched with Niacin´.

Vitamin B3, Niacin, plays a very important role in energy production within the body and can often be attributed to people ´just feeling a little tired today´. While meat sources, especially liver, provide the fastest and easiest way to get the recommended 14-18mg per day, there are healthier choices such as fish, nuts, beans, avocados, tomatoes and carrots that should be used whenever possible.

Reviewed: Peter Sedesse, MD

“Wrapping Up” the lose ends to enjoy the Start of the New Year….

I say “wrapping up” as I am sure some of you are still trying to get yourself out from under all that used up wrapping paper and rid yourself of the proof of chaos… The Christmas Joy has come and Gone and we approach the New Year… For me my kids are older so Christmas Day was one of Quiet, relaxing and movie day with the teens… I got up and showered, put my new Christmas Robe back on and stayed in it all day… it was heavenly…
I will be finishing up a few Real Estate closings today as Yesterday the Title Companies were closed and then I am packing up my kids and we are heading to our favorite place… Pismo… So many people ask ” How do you guys get away like you do…Well it is simple… We have time freedom, We are our own boss and we don’t have to ask for permission to get time off and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been self employed and so has my husband for many years… I am a Real Estate Broker and he is a Contractor… And yes if you are thinking this economy sucks for that demographic of work your are so correct, but for us we started our Network Marketing business less than a year ago and it has taken our lives completely in a different direction and we come into 2012 with a hole new outlook on where we are going… I will always to Real Estate as it is my passion, But finding my Networking business and building my awesome team i know that I am where the Good Lord Meant me to be… So if you are in teh same position I was and you are looking for even just a little bit more out of 2012, Sign up just to the left and let me help you make that dream in 2012 come true…

Be blessed and have a great New Year… Also look me up on Facebook at