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How Their Patients Thank Them For Sharing EMULIN+

Health Practitioners are raving “My Patients Thank Me For Sharing EMULIN+”

EMULIN+ is a Powerful Addition to Every Practice..

Please take a look at the videos below for a comprehensive compilation of information from the Dr. who created Emulin and other Dr.’s who are using  Emulin + in their practice’s. 

see the Doctor Video Playlist below (It’s a Playlist, there is 6 in total)

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Product Future. With iGalen, it’s no secret what’s about to happen. They are telling us upfront. Why is this so important. Positioning. Not hype. This companies CEO is a Dr. of Pharmaceutical Medicine who realized big Pharma wasn’t the best option for many in regards to their health. Got inflammation? We’ve got something for that. Mental Fog? Something for that as well? Chronic Pain? Yes, we’ve got that covered as well .. Do you have 15 minutes to hear more? Grab a time slot and let’s talk

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I’m so excited !! 

This morning makes 2 1/2 days on Emulin M and I’m shocked.. I had faith in this product but since I’ve had the larger Weightloss I was prepared for a pound or maybe two a week and I would be excited about that. For the heck of it I weighed this morning and I’m down 3.3 lbs. crazy cray excited. 
My energy has been amazing the past few days. I’m someone that takes Midol (I can’t take NSAIDs) every afternoon as I get fatigued and soar everywhere but especially in my neck and shoulders and I haven’t taken anything. Haven’t even thought about it. The Weightloss this morning made me think, what else is different and it dawned on me that I hadn’t felt that way or taken anything. My shoulder feels less tight and less pain. When I wake up. I’m awake. Way more alert then I normally am in the AM. Love love love this stuff. ❤😍❤😍 I’m so jazzed!
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The Pros of Quitting Sugar

The Pros of Quitting Sugar
Sugar… it’s everywhere. Sugar is one of the most consumed products in the world. It’s become a daily staple, it’s practically a new food group. Given the plethora amount of diseases and health conditions sugar is linked to, it can be extremely difficult to kick the “sweet cocaine” habit. The commercial industry has trained us to not only prefer the taste of sugar, but also to crave it. So, what happens to our bodies can we give up sugar?

Better dental health – sugar increases tooth decay and other dental problems. Kicking the sugar habit will help protect your gums and pearly whites.
Better sleep – increased sugar consumption can cause sleep disturbances.
Improved digestive health – sugar has been linked to constipation. Giving up sugar means you’ll be visiting the bathroom more frequently, which is a good thing!
Healthier heart – lowering your sugar intake can also lower heart attack risks.
Healthier skin – not only can acne be linked to sugar intake, but wrinkles are exacerbated by the sweet stuff. Most vulnerable to damage are collagen and elastin. These protein fibres are responsible for keeping your skin firm and elastic.
More energy – that all too infamous ‘sugar crash’. Not only will sugar have you flying high one moment, then in a tailspin the next moment, it decreases your body’s ability to keep energy stores high.
Decrease cancer risk- sugar has been linked to feeding cancer cells. Allowing them to thrive and multiply.
Slimmer waistline – increasing good fats, protein and complex carbohydrates can help get you off the roller coaster of fluctuating weight and on track to more stable weight.
Protects the liver – excessive glucose and fructose is toxic and can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver.
Feeling more satisfied after eating – sugar consumption can cause resistance to leptin, the hormone that signals your brain that you’re full.


With such a long list of health benefit, why wouldn’t you want to get rid of that pesky sweet tooth? Unfortunately, with a substance more addictive than cocaine, it can be tough to do. But that’s where Emulin+ can help.

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