My thoughts this Morning..

I am laying here still in bed.. Waking up to a smart phone with a large screen is a occupational hazard as you can start your work day before your feet even hit the floor.. That’s how my morning started about 7am.

I send out a message to a beautiful young lady that I met through networking in another business. That business didn’t last for either of us but we have stayed connected like so many do via Facebook. Anyway, I responded to a question she had placed on my Facebook wall under my post about my new Jeunesse business. In our conversation I find out that her father, someone I know she was desperately close to had passed away. My heart hurt for her as I know how much pain she must be enduring.. Yet she is saying to me she needs to learn the ropes and make money from home as she has her two babies and her sisters baby that need to be cared for as her sister and brother in law work full time. Now I know all of these precious babies are all under the age of four years old. And the youngest is just a few months old so yes, she already has her hands full. But what I do know, is with this business it can be done. As I wrapped up our conversation I found myself thinking about some of the women who have recently joined my business.

Pure Strength..

My first business partner has cancer.. Yet she is the most positive women I know. And my biggest producer working her little tail off. All I have to say to the naysayers, women and men for that matter.. You think you have a reason you can’t succeed. This women will make you realize “It’s time you suck it up, Buttercup!”

My next beautiful lady that joined my business is in her upper 50’s and recently had to take custody of not one but four of her grand children.. Ages ranging from 3 to 11. Talk about starting over. Jeez, where does she find the energy? So for those Mom’s that think, I have kids I can’t do a home based business right now, message me.. I will put you in contact with her so she can talk to you about her day..

And then there is another.. Who when I met her as I was dropping off samples so she could launch her business so proudly told me she was in recovery. She used to be a addict. I wanted to at that very moment reach out and hug her but I thought she might think I was a freak. You see my sister in my early years was and still is today a addict. I would have given anything to hear those worlds come out of her mouth but I never did and I know now.. I never will.

So, in this business it is known that people “fish for the whales”. The ones that will bring their whole school of fishes over with them in one swift movement taking them to the top in zero to 60 seconds flat. But me:: I couldn’t be more proud to be working with these three women amongst all the other women and men that are on our team. Because I know with the heart and soul our team possess’ Anything is possible.


You know when you get that feeling.. Something bad is going to happen..

11 months ago when I had to make a tough decision and walk away from a company that I really did truly love when I started.. It was because of what was happening around me, and because my inner voice was telling me this is going to blow up and blow up big and I want no part of it.. I love the Industry of Direct Sales.. Just as I Love Real Estate,  you find another home you just don’t quit when a company doesn’t fit you…. Those that know me in Real Estate know that change doesn’t scare me.. What was scary in Direct Sales and leaving Visalus was I had to walk away from a team I loved .. I was making good money.. Most of my working team members were making money.. Money each and every one of us needed for our families..  but for me it wasn’t worth my sleep, conscience and integrity.. now I am not saying that those that stayed even though they saw the dogs being enrolled, the fake orders and all the hype.. They truly just don’t see it being a wrong thing to do.. To me it was so wrong and just as I would have walked away from that “Wrong” deal in Real Estate.. I walked away from Visalus.. Now, Financially it hurt.. We had to sell our TOYS.. (RV, MotorCycles) we had for years, to put money back in our household to keep a roof over our head.. I had days when I was like.. I should have just stayed.. maybe my little voice was over reacting.. But todays video shows that is not the case..

The Article from MLM helpdesk Website can be found at

And yes I read all 60 pages.. I sat here and read the same stories that were happening to me and I have never talked to these people.. it makes me think.. How many others are out there…I don’t know.. It does sadden me.. but then as the Pastor at my Church said this weekend.. What doesn’t break you.. Strengthens you.. That your setback was to position you for your comeback.. You learn along the way.. I know that I have a lot to offer this industry.. The Truthful side..  If you are thinking about the industry of direct sales.. don’t let this scare you away from it.. do your research and pick the company based on the people you can trust.. get to know them.. ask questions and chose the Who.. not the what.. Put your Heart and Soul into it.. Stay True and lead with Integrity.. and just don’t quit.. You will find success..

I am glad I listened to my inner voice.. but at the same time I am sad for all the people I love,who are still at Visalus.. Keeping everyone in my prayers.. Be Blessed ❤

Ever wondered what Onyx is?

Finely Banded Black & White Onyx


Onyx is a gemstone whose description can have several connotations. Its most accepted gemstone definition describes a solid black Chalcedony, or a banded or layered black and white Chalcedony. The term Onyx is occasionally used to described any engraved stone with a solid color base, or it may describe any banded gemstone with parallel banding. In its solid black form, Onyx is the most traditional black gemstone.

Chemical Formula SiO2
Color White, Black, Banded
Hardness 7
Crystal System Hexagonal
Refractive Index 1.54 – 1.55
SG 2.63 – 2.65
Transparency Translucent to opaque
Double Refraction .009
Luster Vitreous
Cleavage Indiscernible
Mineral Class Quartz (Chalcedony)
Onyx is an ancient gemstone, having been used in jewelry and as an ornamental gemstone for carvings since antiquity. Onyx has traditionally been one of the most important engraving and cameo gemstones, where its most common form was a black base with a white upper layer. Although still used a minor gemstone today, the significance and value of Onyx has been diminished as compared to ancient times.When Onyx is banded black and white, it can be jointly classified as both Agate and Onyx. However, many require Onyx to have banding in roughly parallel lines, whereas other forms of Agate can have wavy or concentric forms of banding.
Onyx is usually cut into cabochons and beads, where it is mostly used in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. It is also an important cameo and intaglio stone, and carvings and small statues have also been cut from it.
Limestone Onyx, Mexican Onyx, or Onyx Marble – Travertine or Tufa that exhibits color banding from layer deposition. This material can be polished and dyed and used as an ornamental stone.
Green Onyx – Often refers to Chalcedony dyed a deep green color; may also refer to Agate banded light green and white. Sometimes also incorrectly used to describe green Onyx Marble (above).
Onyx Opal – Banded, dark colored Opal.
Rhodochrosite Onyx – Banded variety of Rhodochrosite (Rosinca).
Sources of Onyx include India, Brazil, and Uruguay.
Black Onyx can be similar to Black Diamond, though it is much softer and less lustrous. It is much harder than Jet. Black Onyx lacks the metallic luster of Hematite, but it can be very difficult to distinguish from Melanite Garnet and Schorl Tourmaline.

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Jack of All Trades, Master of None..


We have all heard this “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”  but what does that really mean in your life.. I sit here shaking my head as I have seen so many people jump from one trade in the same field to another.. and the only reason is the last trade wasn’t easy enough.. Or they were not finding the success or income if you may at the previous field.. I am going to use a harsh but true example.. In the real estate industry I am a Broker that does sales.. buyers and sellers and it is what I always did.. Did the rug get pulled out from under me.. Yes it did as it did with so many others.. Did I add another stream of income.. Absolutely.. something I could do while I was pushing through the economic downturn in the housing market.. What I didn’t do is switch it up in the Real Estate Industry.. I know what I do, and I do it well.. I pushed through.. I didn’t switch to lending, appraising, underwriting.. it’s not what I do.. I did get into networking.. Which in turn brought me clients on the real estate side.. In the bigger picture.. it really is the same skill.. Meet potential clients, put them in “Funnel”  Add heartfelt value to them as you can, and one day they will refer you, hire you or join you ❤

I sit here and see people that post all over social media about how their lives suck, yet one day they are going one direction and the next they are the exact opposite direction.. It’s like a carnival ride.. Find a Path and stay the course.. Tyler Perry did a Video last year that really stuck with me..

Now that being said.. I did make some changes on my path 7 months ago.. Although I didn’t change my beliefs, or my industries.. I partnered with different people.. doing the same thing I am good at..  People make a huge difference in your success as far as keeping you motivated to do what you do every day.. You have to love where you are to do what you do successfully.. you also have to be committed to the work that is involved..

Decide what you truly want.. Be a scholar of that industry.. there is more to a TITLE then a name tag.. get the knowledge that you need to be credible at what it is you want to become and stay with that course..  Lead by example.. Treat others how you would want to be treated and Love and Trust in GOD.. That is my secret to SUCCESS.


If you would like more information on Networking or Real Estate.. Fill out the form below.. I would love to talk with you..

Introducing your business..


Talking about your business…

Be the product, don’t just talk about the product..
Make it a part of what you do everyday..
When people ask you how you’re doing simply say.. “I am awesome” work is great but what has me so excited is Nutrie.. (Silence)..

It is human nature that when a person is left hanging they in turn will ask, “What’s Nutrie?”

Oh. I thought I had told you.. I partnered with Kim Lyons to launch her new health and fitness program which is an awesome new smart phone app called Automatic Body ツ … Pause.. Confused look.. Gosh, I really thought I reached out to you .. ( because you probably should have already) I thought I had reached out to everyone as I want the ones that I love and trust most in first.. And that’s certainly you. I have been so crazy busy but I really thought I got this info out to you ツ

Explain to them that the company has put together a great three-minute video.. ( who doesn’t have three minutes) make sure you have their cell number and tell them you will text them the link.. I have this video on my YouTube page and the link is so you can use that link or Create your own YouTube page and send out the link from your own video..

Then just text them the 3 minute video and your website. If you have time watch it right there together if you ran into them. If you forwarded it to them followup will be the key to success..

Ask them if they will talk with your business partner and get them on the phone with me.. What we have in front of us right now is crazy.. Getting the word out to the people you know is the key to you guys finding success. If you can do that 10 times a week
your business will grow!!

Followup is key to your success.. Three way calls build massive volume!! Call them and ask them if they watched the video.. And get them on the phone with your up line ツ
Try it this week.. Let me know how it works for you..

Ps.. In other words.. Stop throwing up on people ツ your Network is an endless line of people you are connected to.. Who can you talk to today?


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Why the time is NOW for The Automatic Body Program
The revolutionary Automatic Body program developed in part by Kim Lyons is literally taking the World by storm. Whether your goal is to lose the excess weight that you have gained over the past few years, or if you’re the fitness person who wants to gain more muscle mass or simply just tone up; Automatic Body is for you. We have all seen the fly by night weight loss programs but what you may not know is that 80% of those programs fail, yes you may lose weight initially but guess what……the weight comes right back and often times you gain more weight back than you loss. This is not the case with Automatic Body. The Automatic Body program was developed around the Nutrie family of products, more specifically Skinne & Fuel. By introducing these two products into your daily routine along with a subtle change to your daily routine over a multiple week time frame you will start to see amazing results, results that last. No more being a statistic of being a product of a weight loss program that did not keep the weight off.

Some interesting facts:

37.5% of U.S. adults are obese*, that is roughly one-third of the Adults in America
17% of the youth in the U.S. are obese*.

Why are those stats so important? Well the reason is simple, one in three people in the U.S. are potential customers for the Automatic Body Program.

The map below demonstrates the Prevalence of Obesity among adults in the U.S.


*all statistics are from 2009-2010 report

The time is now to make a change and take your first step in the direction of better health!

To Get on the Automatic Body Program Click Here

If you don’t like what you see, look from a different view …

Walking down the beach today I walked past some bird footprints and frankly some bird poop.. That is what I saw and I thought “ewe”. I continued with my walk loving all I see. I love the waves as they break in the sand. So much to see and something different every time I walk. I got to the point where I turn around and I headed back. It wasn’t to long until I was walking back over the footprints and pooh.. but from a different angle I saw something much different. I saw a artful beautiful flower that only nature could paint.. It put a smile on my face and made me thinkツ how often are we dissatisfied or turned off because of how we are seeing things and could that opinion or feeling be changed just from looking from a different angle ツ


So if there is something in your life that you just are not completely happy with, Can that feeling be changed just by changing your view?? Take sometime over this Thankful Holiday and think about change and how easy, simply changing your view could completely change your life. Happy Thanksgiving, Be Blessed ❤

What it takes to be a Champion..

They are the San Francisco Giants.. World Series Champions for the second time in three seasons of Baseball. Reveled as the underdog or the come back kids.. What they truly are is a amazing team that has a heart of Gold. A team that knows that each and every person plays a vital role in their success. A team that doesn’t have one strong ego driven soul amongst them. I celebrated along side them today just as I did two seasons ago.

I stood in back and watched as everyone else did. The difference in me this time after 20 months of team building was I picked up more on the pride you could see they had in their team. That pride wasn’t about their individual success or just about where their success could be taking them by themselves. It was about their team and their fans. That’s exactly what’s so important to me.. I may not be the first to get there. But when I do my team will be with me.. I know I am building for the long term, not for the right nowツ


I took my kids today and I know they will be able to tell their kids that two times in three seasons they celebrated with the S.F. Giants.. Life is about creating memories that will never be forgotten while your time is here on this earth. If you are going to do it.. Do it with ethics, moral values and do it with your team in mind. You can’t go wrong ツ

San Francisco Giants Postseason Highlight REEL 2012 from Maniego Media on Vimeo.

Getting past disappointment ~

When I am disappointed I read. Fortunately lately I haven’t had a ton of reading time. But what transpired this week took me back a bit.. So to take my mind off things I took to reading. Some people drink, some people have other vices they go to but I go to books of knowledge and poetry. Always seems to help me find my way. I love my new iPhone as there is limitless resources just waiting to provide amazing therapy. A comfy pillow, warm blanket and the corner of the couch. Last night I even splurged and added a cup of Hot Chocolate. In reading I found this paragraph..
“Keep Believing in Yourself and Your Special Dreams.
There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped they would be. That’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down, but those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself and all that you are capable of. There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them. Constantly keep yourself headed in the right direction for you. It may not be easy at times, but in those times of struggle you will find a stronger sense of who you are, and you will also see yourself developing into the person you have always wanted to be.


So tomorrow is a new day and I can’t say I know exactly where I am going from here. What I do know is even though there are people that disappoint, I have so many I know I can count on and I trust with my life. So with those people I will continue to create the best future for their families and mine and that God will give me the paths to go down.

So here’s to a amazing future and keeping my “Forevers” close and developing new “Today’s” that will become “Forevers”